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  1. battling with some friends during a practice moto at pax this past weekend
  2. mx452racer

    Dirtbike Crash Videos wanted.

    have another I'll upload and post later
  3. Found some old dvd's the other day and came across some footage from 2007 right after my track was first done...There's a link in the video if you'd like to see what my track looks like now.
  4. I broke my right ankle twice within a year and half between 2011 and 2012..first time I broke it I didn't have to have surgery...the second time I got by without it as well but the break was worse. I already had a good base in fitness before I broke it both times but these are some of the exercises I used to strengthen the stabilizers back in my ankle..It's been almost two years since I last broke it and for the most part I hardly can ever tell I did anything to it..
  5. A lap around a friends backyard track in florida...
  6. I spend a lot of time in Florida but I have a track in Va I'm thinking about redoing just interested in seeing if there is some descent riders looking to come out and train during the week any. Here's a vid of how it last looked.
  7. This is back from last summer but me and buddy having fun after some motos jus whippin around...
  8. First ride since back on the big bike since I broke my ankle a few months back...track is pax trax in florida..
  9. It's public again everybody
  10. mx452racer

    Lets see your backyard tracks!

    heres mine http://youtu.be/82RSaPRFkSM
  11. local track here in florida..
  12. mx452racer

    gopro at bithlo

    last thursday at bithlo
  13. mx452racer

    first ride 2013 kaw450

    it is bostwick in north central florida
  14. 5th lap out on it...love it