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  1. kawklx11

    Brewster, Bill or anyone that can help!!!!

    Ya it definetly is hit or miss when it makes a hard noise or low noise. Thanks for the input!
  2. My klx generates noise at the KACR mechanism on the exhaust cam...KACR lobe striking against the valve bucket to be exact. Don't know if it is caused by a stretched cam chain, or because the engine speed at idle doesn't create enough centrifugal force to throw the KACR weight...causing the lobe to strike the bucket at low idle. Don't really know...sometimes it sounds like a sewing machine....sometimes it doesn't. <------ This was someone elses posts from awhile back but it didnt get any responses, and my bike is doing the exact same thing. Wondering if anyone had any ideas on this. Any help is much appreciated.
  3. kawklx11

    Valve Adjustment question

    thanks brewster i really appreciate it!!!
  4. kawklx11

    Valve Adjustment question

    I just reshimmed my valves. I'm put the piece that holds down the valves back on but i was wondering if anyone knew the Torque needed to tighten the 6 bolts on it??? And the 3 on the head cover??
  5. kawklx11

    Metal Shavings in oil

    I've noticed over the last few rides that 2nd gear seemed gone, and my clutch was slippin while in 2nd. I changed my engine oil and noticed alot of metal shavings in my oil filter. I changed the filter and oil and rode it for awhile, then checked filter/oil and no shavings at all. Could the shavings be a chewed up 2nd Gear, or maybe i need a new clutch plate? Any help would be great. Thanks
  6. kawklx11

    klx 300 jetting

    Yes, i did all the free mods before the pipe was changed.
  7. kawklx11

    klx 300 jetting

    Finally got back to a computer. The air box lid is off.
  8. Just bought a big gun race series complete exhaust system. Currently running the main jet at stock (128) big gun says to go to 145, thought that was a lil steep. Any recommendations?
  9. kawklx11


    Was wondering if anyone changed their throttle from the 3/4 turn to a 1/2, or 1/4 turn, and how ya liked it. Was checkin out some magazines and it seems like a cheap fix for throttle forearm. Appreciate it as always
  10. kawklx11

    Stripped the Drain Plug Threads

    I did the same thing last year. I actually took it to the honda shop by my house and they put a hellicoil in it and was able to use the same drain plug. No hassle and good as new for $25
  11. kawklx11

    Big Gun race exhaust?

    I bought the Race Series system. Was thinking the jetting for the bike was set for the oem exhaust system? Just wondering if i should change it to run leaner or richer, im not that familiar with the jetting. So any thoughts from you guys would be much appreciated.
  12. kawklx11

    Big Gun race exhaust?

    Thanks that was one of the things i was unsure of. I had heard that it was 2 loud without the quiet core in it. Just ordered the system and a dyno jet kit, looking for that quick throttle response and hp.
  13. kawklx11

    Big Gun race exhaust?

    Was wondering if anybody had one on their klx 300 and what they thought of it.
  14. kawklx11

    exhaust ?

    I recently purchased a 05' klx 300. Been looking for a biggun exhaust race series and found one but the years it says are 01-04'. Was wondering if its just not updated or the 05' has a different exhaust setup?
  15. kawklx11

    starting problems

    i messed with my idle swith to lower the rev on my bike and recently i have to adjust it everytime to start my bike to where its to the point 2 where i have to bump start my bike when the engine is cold. (Kicking it just won't work). Was wondering if this is due to the idle switch not being correct or just coincedence and need to check the valves. 05 klx 300