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  1. bschroer

    04' 250R Issue

    Okay, this is actually my cousins bike. It is not running and for Xmas I told him I would get it running. First thing I did was drain the old gas, get the valves clearance in spec and cleaned the carb. Kicked it over and it started right up. However, it would only run with the choke on. Took the carb back out and realized I put the plate on the throttle valve on upside down. Smooth move. Easy fix though, put it on the right way and now the bike will not even pretend to start. Spark plug is sparking as well but did not put it on a meter. Help please. I just want to get the bike back to my cousin. Thanks
  2. bschroer

    04 CRF Won't Start

    Okay, here is a quick history of my problem. My bike has always started cold or hot very well. Took it to the track a while back, took me a while to get it started whether it was cold or hot. Took it to the track the next week and it wouldn't start at all. It was weird how all of a sudden it wouldn't start. I new I was due for a valve job, so I took the head off and sure enough I needed new valves. Took it to the shop and had all new Kibble White valves put in, and clearances are all perfect. I put it all back together, took me about 20 kicks to start it and it sounded really good. It died while I was adjusting the idle and I can't get it to start now. I have checked everything I can think of and still no start. Here is what I have checked: -double checked the timing. -did a spark test and it was sparking. even put in a brand new spark plug. -cleaned the carb and all the jets. even put gas in the carb with it out of the bike, turned the throttle and gas shot out. -checked all the wiring for cracks. could not find any. -disconnect the kill switch to see if that was the problem. it wasn't. -checked the piston and cylinder and everything looked good. I put in a brand new cylinder and piston Oct. 08. -put in new hot start in the carb. I don't see how it could fire up and run great, then die and not start again. Please point me in the right direction. Thank you
  3. bschroer

    Posey Racing Motor

    My boss is thinking about buying an 09 CRF250R for his son. This bike was built for the 2009 West Coast Supercross Lights series. It only made 6 races before the sponsor parted ways with the rider. Anyways, it has a Posey Racing engine and my boss is a little skeptical about getting the bike because he is afraid that the engine might take alot of maintenance since it is a high performance engine. I told him that I would ask the pros on Thumper Talk. Has anyone had or dealt with this type of engine? Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  4. bschroer

    Transmission drain bolt not tightening

    That's what i thought as well, but why would the bolt catch threads when I first started screwing it in the hole and then not tighten? I tested this by started the bolt a couple turns and then trying to pull on it and it is definitely threaded in there.
  5. Last night after draining my transmission oil, when i was tightening the drain bolt it would not tighten. I could feel it start to tighten then slip and become loose again. But when I take the washer off it tightens up, but obviously does not seal correctly. I am kind of baffled because the bolt screws in but just won't tighten. And there are no broken threads on the bolt. Anyone ever experience this? Or have a fix?
  6. Long story short, I had a serious head injury that kept me off my bike for just about 11 months. I am now cleared and took the bike out for the first time yesterday. The bike ran great (I re-did the top end and clutch in the meantime) except my front suspension felt a little stiff. I am not changed any of my settings while the bike was sitting for all this time. Is it just me or do I need do something to freshen the suspension up??? Or maybe just ride the bike a couple more times. Also the bike was on a stand the whole time with the front tire off the ground.
  7. bschroer

    Replacement of Cam Chain?

    Thanks. I will do that.
  8. bschroer

    Replacement of Cam Chain?

    I am in the process of re-doing the top end of my 04 CRF450R. Last time I did the top end I did not replace the cam chain. I just replaced the piston, adjusted the valves and that was it. I just took the cylinder head cover off last night and checked the cam chain. It looks fine and it feels pretty tight to the sprocket. When I check my timing though, I noticed that this time it is off by a little bit. This is what makes me ask the question if I should replace the chain or not. I have not done anything with the tensioner at this time though. But last time the piston was replaced everything line up perfect. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  9. bschroer

    Cracked piston ring??

    Thanks for the help everyone. I was planning on putting a new top end in anyways. I just wanted to make sure that it was something else that I was unaware of. Appreciate it.
  10. bschroer

    Cracked piston ring??

    I actually re-worked the top end a year ago so it is not entirely too old. I also did not take apart the entire motor, just the the tranny and crank cover to check out the seals. I originally thought that maybe my tranny oil was leaking into the crank but that was not the case. The bike does not seem to be burning oil. I do not have smoke coming out of the pipe or anything. It just constantly leaks out of the breather tube. Now this summer while riding my water pump did go out and my bike did get really hot before I recognized the problem. This is actually when the problem started.
  11. bschroer

    Cracked piston ring??

    I am not overfilling the oil.
  12. bschroer

    Cracked piston ring??

    My 04 450R is currently leaking engine oil out of the breather tube everytime I ride. I thought at first I might have had a bad seal in between the crank case and transmission side of the engine. After taking the bike apart, this is not the case. All of the seals are good. My next thought was that maybe I have a cracked piston ring. The bike is running great (except for the oil leaking). I am pretty sure the bike will still run good with a cracked ring and that a bad ring is also allowing oil past it and out the breather tube. Can anyone confirm this for me?
  13. bschroer

    04 CRF leaking oil constantly

    Tripled140, I was consistently draining that plug. In fact, after every 20 minute moto it was have a fair amount of oil in it. In regards to the hose and the airbox, I was told that you don't have to have it set up like this. In fact, MDK makes a kit especially for this application. Everyone I have talked to said that it is not necessary. That doesn't mean that they were right but I did it anyways.
  14. bschroer

    04 CRF leaking oil constantly

    Heres the deal, after riding my engine oil level drops. My tranny oil is always full. Now one thing I did not check was how full my tranny oil actually is. If I have engine oil leaking into the tranny side, would that make my bike push oil through that breather tube?
  15. bschroer

    04 CRF leaking oil constantly

    I thought of the 'blow by" theory but my top end is pretty new. Plus, if my rings were going bad wouldn't I have some loss in power? My bike has not loss any power. Also, I bypassed the overflow into my airbox. Basically i capped off the tube feeding into airbox and just have a straight line running for the top end to out the back of the bike. And i took out the stopper at the end of the tube.