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  1. i've had great luck with yamaha valve life, yes I'm older and slower, but they hold up great. I have a 2003 yz250f that has never been shimmed. I just redid the top end of a friends 05 yz450, 140 hours on the motor, it was in great shape. I thought it would be rough. The cams, cam chains, chain guids, rings, piston, etc were excellent. It did not need to be changed. no leak thru on the valves and one valve is 0.001" from the minimum. Yamaha has something figured out. change the oil often and keep it off the reve limiter, Once they are shimmed, I would check more often.
  2. I found WD-40 and a rag right after you put the wax on the chain will clean up the overspray. Brake cleaner works well too, but it's harsh on you.