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    some carb help on a xr250

    yes it is listed as #3 in the parts diagram ( I dunno what year you are dealing with). I just bought the carb kit off of ebay. Came with pretty much everything except a float and the diaphragm thingy for only a few bucks more than the factory needle jet set. I does make sense that turning the mixture screw out a few turns would somewhat compensate for a undersized pilot jet. This is how mine is setup. For riding at altitude in Montana. Which I know has no bearing for you at basically sea level. Plus your bike is probably a heck of a lot newer (all most everybody's bike is). 87' xr250r no snorkel, uni filter, super-trap exhaust (8 plates) with the welds ground off inside of header 42 idle jet 132 main clip in middle position (3rd groove from bottom) air mixture screw 2.75 turns out Sometimes the bike shop will just trade you out jets.
  2. cooldwb78

    some carb help on a xr250

    I don't know if this is helpful or not. On my xr the needle and needle seat were worn enough that fuel would get by at closed throttle. This caused all sorts of havoc with the idle and idle mixture. With new needle and seat the mixture screw actually works and the bike is much crisper off idle. YMMV