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    I just got an '06 YZF250, I have a lot of questions. 1. What kind of oil do I use when I change the oil? 2. I change the oil every 3 rides is that enough? 3. What Jetting should I run with a Pro Circuit Pipe and Accelerator pump? 4. What jetting whould I run stock? 5. Suspension is a given, what other mods should I do? 6. Are there any other tips out there on the bike, bike setup, or maintenance? Thanks in advance for all the help, Tyler Nielsen p.s. I have already had the Valves Changed.
  2. nielsenracing282


    Has Kevin winham ever won an outdoor title?
  3. nielsenracing282

    YZ 125 jetting

    it runs fine stock but i havent put the pipe silencer and reeds on yet.
  4. nielsenracing282

    YZ 125 jetting

    I am putting a Pro Circuit pipe and shorty silencer on my 2006 YZ125 also i am putting V-force3 reeds on my bike what will i need to change my jetting to? Current Jetting: Main Jet:410 Pilot Jet:40
  5. nielsenracing282

    yz125 will only start with a new spark plug

    you are running to rich. try messing with the air screw
  6. nielsenracing282

    Tech question???

    I have an 06 KXF and after it down revs it idles really high for a little bit and then lowers its self out. Is this a problem? What do I have to do to Fix it?