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  1. pikeman

    serious leg pain

    After dealing with some serious leg pain for a couple months I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with, "Femoral Lateral Cutaneous Impingement". What happens is whenever I walk briskly, run, chase my 4 yr old on his bike, I get incredible pain running down my quads all the way to my knees. It even happened while hustling through the airport between flights. It happens in either leg and sometimes both legs. Going down hill seems to make it worse or hasten its onset. The pain will subside if I stop walking but remains as a dull ache until I awaken the next morning. Also, this does not bother me when I ride my bicycle but cycling may have contributed to the condition. Has anyone else ever dealt with this? I'm scheduled to start physical therapy on Monday to help/learn stretching exercises but I'm wondering about a time table for recovery or if it's something I may be living with..
  2. pikeman

    insurance paying for knee braces

    Most likely you'll need to have had an injury before insurance will pay for knee braces. That being said, when I had my ACL surgery I asked my Dr if he would prescribe a knee brace for me. He did but told me if I had the same accident again only this time while wearing a knee brace, I'd probably break my femur. I got the knee brace, a custom CTi and I wore for a while until my confidence was restored in the knee. I don't wear it anymore though. I'd rather have another ACL surbery than a broken femur.
  3. pikeman

    P90X... Good for motocross?

    a vanity workout? Kind of a dumb statement. Either it gets you in better shape than you are in now or it doesn't. It will definitely get you in shape and certainly will not hurt your ability to ride a dirtbike. I use it as a supplement to my gym workouts. I'm in pretty good shape, 43 yrs, 15% body fat. Several friends who consider themselves in good shape have tried them and gotten the butts kicked.
  4. pikeman

    09 f-150

    SEMA is coming up. wait till you see the special edition F150 off road version. It rocks.
  5. pikeman

    Thinking Of Using Jd Jet Kit?

    2007 250 SX, I bought it, installed it per their suggestion for to my altitude (So Cal) and have never had to fuss with it again. Mind you this is after wasting time jetting it per the manual. I think its worth every penny. Blair
  6. I guess I'm lucky. I live near Montclair Motorsports. Speak to either Jeff Ortburg, he rides/races KTMs or Art Wood. Either guy won't steer you wrong. They also stock a lot of KTM parts as well as Kawasaki, Yamaha and Polaris.
  7. pikeman

    Diesel Rediculous

    Interesting to read about people blaming the president for high oil prices. We went to war to maintain our supply of cheap oil! Others blame the oil companies for price fixing. Have you ever heard about supply and demand? They raise the prices and we keep buying petroleum products. The demand is there to support the higher prices. If it wasn't prices would come down. That's the way our economy works. Our prices are still less than what others pay around the world, except Venezuela but there government has taken over the oil business there. Is that what you want?
  8. 03 Tundra 4X4 SR5 V8, 1 battery, 2 sets of front brakes and on second set of tires. Besides regular maintenance, that's it. Its been a excellent truck, just wish it had a little more towing capacity.
  9. pikeman

    Considering switching to a 2T

    I did. I just sold an 06 WR450 and bought a brand new 250 SX 2t. Its night and day. Its just as fast as the 450, stops way better, it's at least 50lbs lighter and I can work on it! The WR is a good off road bike but it didn't moto worth a darn. The 250 SX moto's like a champ and can trail ride too. It range is a bit limited due to the 1.9gal tank. Thats my only complaint. The exhaust smells better too. MMM, 927 !
  10. pikeman

    any good reviews of 250sx?

    I just bought an 07 in October and love it. I ride off road and MX. Before I had a WR450, couldn't moto that very well. Besides, this thing is a feather compare to the WR. I used the JD jetting kit to get the jetting right. That made it easy. Since I weight 200 I replaced the rear spring with the old style "O" spring and had both the front and rear revlaved by ESP. The suspension works very well now. Over all I think its a great bike with plenty of versatility to do what ever I need.
  11. ESP is a great place, he did my 06 WR450. George rides too. He's been revalving suspensions since the early 80's. Blair
  12. My Buddy has an 06 5 cyl box van for his business. He thinks its awsome. He consistantly gets 18 mpg. Another pal has the Winnebago View. Really nice motorhome with excellent styling and quality. Again excellent mpg. Real world mpg is 16 if you keep it under 70 mph, twice that of a gas class C. A couple things to know though. Towing capcity is 3,500lbs with either engine. The new V6 has no more power than the previous 5 cyl. The CCC. (cargo carrying capacity) is very limited, about 800 lbs. Check out this site if want want to learn more. http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/View-Navion/ Good Luck,
  13. I've done a fair bit of research on these and most likely will be purchasing one this winter. My money is going towards the Starcraft RT series and specifically the 13RT. http://www.starcraftrv.com/ I found it to be much higher quality than the Fleetwood model or the Jayco. The frame is stronger, the fittings better and the fit and finish is definately better. Check it out. Good Luck, Blair
  14. pikeman

    how long till i can ride again???

    Dr Sanders, Why do think it takes longer to heal using your own patella tendon as opposed to your own hamstring from ther same leg. The reason I ask is that Aug. 31 I am having ACL Auto Graph using my hamstring from the injured leg. Thanks, Blair