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  1. bigbillyboy

    1996 RM250 wiring/Carb question

    The plug didn't do anything. Still no spark at the plug. I did notice in the shop manual for the 1994 engine, it calls for the resistance across (plug cap to lead) to be 5k ohms. Mine tests out at 12.7K ohms. I didn't catch it at first because I had read a range of 10K Ohms to 20K ohms was fine. does 5K ohms for the coil sound right, or is it low as a spec? Also, if it calls for 5K ohms, and I'm getting 12.7K, would that cause the no spark? Thanks Jason
  2. bigbillyboy

    1996 RM250 wiring/Carb question

    Thanks for all the help so far. I've got the whole bike back together, had to fab new front motor mounts for the 94 engine into the 96 frame, other than that it fit nicely. Purchased the reedcage and intake from a 1994 RMX, and it lines the Carb up perfectly with the airbox. I spliced the wiring harnesses together, but get no spark. Unplugging the kill switch had no effect. I ohm'd the stator, and all three tests are dead center of the spec range. I ohmed the coil, and it tested at .9 across the black and white wires leading to the coil, and 12.85K from the black wire to the spark plug lead. Do these numbers sound good for the coil? Is there a way to test the CDI? Was there a difference between the 1996 and 1994 CDI's that would prevent it from running? Gonna pick up a spark plug tomorrow to see if that's it, although it looks pretty new.
  3. bigbillyboy

    1996 RM250 wiring/Carb question

    Thanks for the input. I'm on the hunt for the needed 94 parts. Question, though, can I use the reedcage and intake from a 1994 RMX250? I have access to one, but I'm not sure if there is a difference between it and the RM250. Bike will be used for trails only.
  4. bigbillyboy

    1996 RM250 wiring/Carb question

    so, I looked a little closer and it looks like the wiring is just about the same. Of the main connector there is only one wire that doesn't match up in color, the black with white wire. I'm assuming, from the diagrams I have found, that that is just for the kill switch, going to a ground. Would that be grounded to the frame?
  5. bigbillyboy

    1996 RM250 wiring/Carb question

    So, I just ended up with a pretty good condition, albeit dismantled, 1998 RM250 for free. Straight and complete. However, while piecing it together, found that the PO had replaced the entire engine with an engine from a 1994 RM250, but had never installed the 1994. That's why the motor mounts didn't match up exactly... The motor mounts I can Fab, but my questions are this: 1. I am missing the reed cage and intake boot for the 1994. I have the carb. Is there a difference between the 1994 and 1996 intake and reed cage? I'm inclined to order the 1994 cage and intake, but want to make sure it's not at a weird angle that will prevent it from hooking up to the existing airbox 2. The wires coming out of the case of the 1994 don't match up exactly to the ones on the bike. Is there a way to splice them together, and would this work with the 1996 CDI, or do I need to get the CDI from a 1994? Something I've alsways loved about the 1996-98 RM's and am hoping to build this up, cheap, for a trail bike so I can have someone along with me. Thanks Jason