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  1. kb_chronic

    Capital Forest on Friday the 11th

    i might show up, rock candy, i can get there from the entrance at oakville right?
  2. kb_chronic

    Post here if you live in WA. guy's and gals....

    Wow, we have alot of riders here in wa Anyways Brett Just moved to Tacoma from Yelm Suzuki DR-Z 250
  3. kb_chronic

    Post here if you live in WA. guy's and gals....

    Dude Yelm wa (near olympia) 2006 drz 250 Hey heres a link to a 4x4 groups forum, has lots of location information http://www.dogpoundoffroad.org/wc/index.html
  4. kb_chronic

    Will they ever stop Harassing us?

    Not until they have us sitting on the couch watching Doctor Phil popping anti depressents and using pleasent tones.
  5. kb_chronic

    Will they ever stop Harassing us?

  6. kb_chronic

    Will they ever stop Harassing us?

    My bike you can barely hear a couple blocks away, when out riding, a minute after someone takes of on it, i cant hear it
  7. kb_chronic

    Will they ever stop Harassing us?

    Sweet, good speech man, glad it got out to the people there, and man I hope they dont pass this, good luck enforcing it. Anyone comes onto my property telling me I cant ride, better give me a plane ticket the hell out of any state that would allow such a law. Hell, Austrailia, here I come
  8. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You got our money, now spend it on lobbyist, bribes whatever you have to do to ensure we have a place to ride, and continue buying shit for your broken ass bikes
  9. kb_chronic

    Will they ever stop Harassing us?

    I say we sponsor a bill to make it illegal to infringe on our rights, if their voice reaches 1 decible ina whiny voice against orv's they get a 10 minute sac beating.
  10. kb_chronic

    Longview is ready for the weekend!!!!

    Sweet, Sounds great, so, is it open to anyone? Whats the cost? contact info? Thanks in advance
  11. kb_chronic


    DAMN Just saw this post, im like 20 minutes from there too, someone let me knnow how it went Anyone trys to stop me from riding on my property will have to answer to my shotgun I thought this was america for christs sake
  12. Trailer found in grass, like under the barn or something, uhaul customized hitch like 200 bux or something And, uh, yeah, 4 banger, 1.5 even, i have ran this car into the shitter, i took it rallying numerous times, did donuts off road, i speed way to much, and to fast, so now i gotta add oil every few days, oh, and 210,000 miles on it, yeah, pulls it great
  13. kb_chronic


    Lol, on this indian reservation, very back trails, like hardcore right, theres so many ruts from my friends 44" mudding tires, lol, some are like 3 feet deep, i took my suzuki drz 250 out there and damn, some times my back tired be in the rut, front tire out, and its like i grind the rut around a corner, straiten it out and hit the gas pulling myself out of the rut, Ive found it useful to just go with whatever happens, you cant stop whats already happening, so you might as well stay calm and ride it out, You will probally crash a few times, but after a few times that pain really helps you to master it quick, lol! Damn, wont let me post pics, oh well, was gonna show u I pull my bike with a honda civic, LOL
  14. kb_chronic

    Drz 250

    I dont know, driving down the road with the stock settings isnt advisable, tires arnt made for the road at all ive found