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  1. master_weber

    spring rate on forks

    does anybody know what the spring rate on the forks in a 2006 yz250f are???
  2. master_weber

    electrical specs

    hey guys i am working on an 1981 cr250r im having a hard time finding electrical specs does anybody have anything like that or know where to find them , and i dont have time to get a manual brought in
  3. master_weber

    accelerator pump questions ?

    good i put on the BQ2 and did the o-ring mod
  4. master_weber

    2005 YZ250F Mods

    you can put a big bore kit from cylinder works it still has the 249cc stamp on it it puts it to about 263??? i think
  5. master_weber

    yz250f jetting

    stock jetting maybe not work work u maybe too lean are you running VP fuel???
  6. master_weber

    blue plastic for 2006 DRZ400E

    im looking for blue plastic for an 2006 drz400e does anybody know who makes them???
  7. master_weber

    e-z pull clutch

    hey people out there im looking for an e-z pull the clutch for one of my racers he is looking a ritz racing clutch has any body heard of this cause i have not any suggestions on a e-z pull clutchs?
  8. master_weber

    more carb questions

    cause i am trying to get rid of my bottom end bog and more bottom end power if i know slide cut i can go to a bigger one so i can get more bottom end power
  9. master_weber

    more carb questions

    hi guys does anybody know what the slide cut away on the carb is on a 2006 yz250f?
  10. master_weber

    Cleaning your white YZF

    scotch brite pads and brake clean works great
  11. master_weber

    First ride with fresh top end

    just did my top end with wiseco piston and added the BQS 2 gained way more power so fun to ride!!!!!!
  12. master_weber

    06 yz250f exhaust

    does any body know how well the new vance and hines Aluminum Pro works on an 06 yz250f
  13. master_weber

    Making that Aluminum frame shine...

    thats fricken sweet ass shiney
  14. master_weber

    Kickstart kick back

    seems like it is too rich
  15. master_weber

    Making that Aluminum frame shine...

    mine looks the same other than i got monster graphics