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  1. bruceb63

    max coolant temperature

    Setting up the vapor on my 450X. What would be the correct setting for the high temp warning point and the over temp danger point? Thanks in advance! Bruce
  2. bruceb63

    Radiator Fan

    what would be the normal operating temp and the max temp for an 06 450x
  3. bruceb63

    Smog Delete Question

    Looking at the White Brother's Smog Delete Kit - is it needed on all '06 450x's or just the California models?? Thanks in advance. Bruce
  4. bruceb63

    '06 450X Problem

    Took my 450x to Honda for 1st valve adjustment - they informed me that the fastener that holds the left side panel to the fuel tank was frozen but they would work around it and adjust the valves. I brought it home and was preparing to install my radiator guards. When trying to remove the bolt I found that the square tank insert is stripped and just spins with the bolt. The bike only has 173 miles but is out of warranty - my dealer said Honda will do nothing for me because I did not purchase the extended warranty - any suggestions - ex. contact at Honda or.... Thanks! Bruce
  5. bruceb63

    Aftermarket Fuel Screw users question

    Agent Smith I checked CRF'S ONLY and only saw the "T" handle fuel screw for the CRF 150 and 230. Any additional help would be great! Thanks Bruce
  6. bruceb63

    Aftermarket Fuel Screw users question

    Agent Smith Do you have a part number for the CRF'S Only"T" handle fuel screw? Thanks in advance! Bruce
  7. bruceb63

    Red Hot Exhaust

    I have a 2006 CRF450X - just turned 100 miles. Was letting it warm up for the recommended 3 minutes prior to oil change and my exhaust pipe for approx. the first 5" was glowing red. Doesn't seem right to me - looking for someone who may have experienced this or someone who may know why. Thanks! Bruce
  8. bruceb63

    motor oil

    Just wondering if I could get some oppinions on Amsoil series 2000 20W-50 severe service racing oil. API service SL, SJ,CF JASO VTW JASO Motorcycle MB. I will be using it in an "06" crf450x. Amsoil tech said it would be good for both motor and trans. Thanks in advance!!! Bruce
  9. bruceb63

    What oil to use?

    Bump back up to the top
  10. bruceb63

    What oil to use?

    what is wrong with the MB? I have some Amsoil series 2000 100% synthetic 20W-50 racing oil laying around and would like to know if I can use it.
  11. bruceb63

    transmission oil??

    I Just picked up my 450x on sat. I was wondering if I can use Amsoil series 2000 20w-50 severe service racing oil for the engine and trans. It's rated JASO Motorcycle MB. Thanks Bruce