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  1. superlatemodel9

    o6 yzf250 valve recall

    will the dealer reset the valve lash when they do the recall?
  2. I am looking at these two bikes. If you had your choice which of these two would you choose and why? I am mostly into trail riding a little desert and I like to ride tracks every now and then. Thanks for the help
  3. superlatemodel9

    out of oil

    I have not ridden the bike more than 2 hours. I mostly ride my other bike and also my quad. I bought this for my wife. It is a fun bike to ride on a track. Feels much lighter than my 450. Trust me I am a stickler for performing maintenance but never would have thought to pull the skid plate and check this after barely any riding.
  4. superlatemodel9

    out of oil

    ya i know this I have have my fair share of bikes and quads and never have had this problem. When I change the oil I use a torque wrench to put everything back together. Unfortunately I have not changed the oil on this bike yet. The threads are perfect so the factory obviously did not have the bolt to their specs. The safety wire is a great idea. You never think about what could happen until it happens to you. As for the smart @$$ coments it would be better to keep them to yourselves as it is not cool to joke about someones misfortunes because Im sure you wouldn't want someone laughing at your problems. For those that want to help thank you.
  5. superlatemodel9

    out of oil

    I took my 06 yz250 out for the third time today. Ive had the bike almost 2 months. I was riding and all of a sudden the motor shut off. I got off and looked and there was oil everywhere. The oil tank drain plug had come out and most of the oil had spewed out. I didn't even try to fire it again. I was going to do the first oil change after todays ride. Is there a low oil or oil pressure sensor that shuts the bike off in this case or did it probably do some damage? What would your advise be here add oil and try to start or take it in? What damage could get done in a half mile of riding with low oil at low RPM? Thanks for the help!!!