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  1. I had problems with one of their tanks on my 04. The right side mounting bracket wanted to occupy the same space as the tab for the harness plug. I sent it back. If I try another I'll go with Clarke.
  2. Larry02ACR

    No updating of new posts

    Clearing the cache does not fix whatever the issue is. I've tried using IE, Chrome, and Firefox. Something on the last update screwed the site up.
  3. Larry02ACR

    No updating of new posts

    Any idea on when this is going to be addressed?
  4. Larry02ACR

    No updating of new posts

    I posted about this in Team, probably should have put it here. There are some other screen shots of it there.
  5. Larry02ACR

    Rekluse EXP 2.0

    Nice not stalling, and I like I can still use my clutch. The engagement of it takes getting used to.
  6. Larry02ACR

    Millennium Technologies 295 big bore kit

    295cc with NSC plating with pump gas/more power everywhere porting. Included a forged Wossner piston.
  7. 1 review

    295cc big bore with NSC plating. Came with Wossner forged piston. Chose the pump gas/more power everywhere porting package.
  8. Larry02ACR

    Scotts Performance Steering Damper

    It's gold!
  9. Larry02ACR

    Kx250f shocks into KX125

    I believe 04-05 KX250F forks are open cartridge 48mm KYBs, so they should swap over. I think in 06 they went to 47mm Showas, which would require new triples.
  10. Larry02ACR

    Motocross Tracks Southwest Oklahoma/Northern Texas

    This is s pretty good resource for tracks and trails: http://www.riderplanet-usa.com/
  11. Larry02ACR

    Is 2-Stroke Cylinder Porting a Black Art?

    I don't know if he did the port work on my 295 kit, but somebody at Millennium did a great job with it! I may end up sending y'all my ZR550 one day to punch it out to 615 and plate the cylinders if the cost isn't too bad.
  12. Larry02ACR

    Geigerrig Hydration Packs

    I use the Geigerrig Rig 500 Citrus. I had the inline filter system on it for awhile, but since I never actually used it to refill trail side I put the non-filter line back on it for better water pressure. The filter adds a bit of back pressure to the system. The pack itself is a little small if you want to carry tools or spare gas, but otherwise I think it's pretty awesome. I wouldn't go back to a non-pressurized bladder after having one. My riding bud uses one of their pressurized bladders in his el cheapo Wal-Mart bag. I've often thought about getting the American Kargo Turbo 2.0 pack and putting one of the larger Geigerrig bladders in it, only because I've got their Trooper backpack for street riding and it's a seriously quality pack and I love the front fastening system.
  13. Larry02ACR

    Big bore 265 or 295 2000 kx 250

    I had Millennium Technologies do a 295 big bore with more power everywhere/pump gas at the end of last year after I trashed my piston and I've got to say I'm at a 90/10 split on how I like it. When I'm fresh or mostly fresh I love it, when I'm tired it gets me into trouble. It hits much harder off the bottom than I'm used to, and my old crutch of riding a gear high when I'm tired doesn't work as effectively as it did before. But I ride trails not motocross - a lot of 1st and 2nd gear stuff interspersed with 4th and 5th gear blasts through sand whoops, depending on where I'm at. So, Millennium did a great job. The bike makes a lot more power in the lower and mid range then it did before, top end is around the same if not slightly better. I'm still getting used to it, and I geared the front sprocket up a tooth to tame it out a bit. It's not as arm socket stretching as my buddy's 450, but it still rips, especially when you find traction...
  14. Larry02ACR

    Stabilizer Comparison

    Because it's gold. I do like my PMB kickstand!
  15. Larry02ACR

    Kawasaki ZR550 Zephyr 1990

    Super mega awesome ok.