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    any probs with 04 yfz's?

    Yamaha's Suck I Will Never Buy A Another One Again. The Only Thing They Fixed On The 05 Was The Decomp Plug And Did Nothing On The 06 They Are All Crap And I Regret Every Day For Buying A Yfz 450. I Have Replaced Everything Electrical Twice, Valves 3 Times, Tranny Twice, Axle Broken After 1 Month, Swing Arm Broke After A Year, Rebuilt My Shocks Twice, Sub Frame Broke. The Tie Rods Are Weak So Are The A-arms. Decomp Plug Are Gay And So Are The Ones That Thumper Talk Sells. And I Have Six Friends With Yfz 04, 05 , 06 All Have The Same Problems. So All Of Us Have Decided To Sell Are Quads And Get The 06 Honda 450r Which Is A Much Better Bike.