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  1. Get the YZ I went from an 02 CR to a 05 YZ and the difference in power is huge. My bike still feels solid and new.
  2. tommason1968

    05 YZ 250 Suspension help

    Thanks to everyone. I just got the correct springs for my weight and with this info I will have a better idea as to where to start once they are put in. Thanks again!
  3. tommason1968

    entering the 2 stroke world.

    One thing you might notice coming off a 4 stroke is vibration. What I did was got expanding foam and shot it in to the bars and filled them up. If you do this be sure to hang something off the bars(like a bucket) when the foam starts expanding it will push a bunch out off the bar ends and fall to the floor.
  4. tommason1968

    05 YZ 250 Suspension help

    When someone tell me 3 clicks out Im always thinkin "what does out mean". Also with the rebound does hard or soft make it come up slower?
  5. tommason1968

    05 FMF pipe fit 01?

    I think that pipes from 02 on will fit the bike. Check with who ever made the pipe.
  6. tommason1968

    05 YZ 250 Suspension help

    I just bought an 05 YZ 250, everything is great but the suspension. Does anyone know what the stock settings are. And what does clicks out mean?