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  1. DJ450WR

    Stripped out oil strainer

    Ok, I got it out and heading to Yamaha to get a new strainer and tap. Thanks everybody.
  2. DJ450WR

    Stripped out oil strainer

    Thanks guys for all the great ideas. I'm going to try and wedge it as I turn it out. It's about half way out now so I'm almost there. I'm sure i'll have to retap the threads. Thanks!!
  3. DJ450WR

    Stripped out oil strainer

    I need help removing a stripped out oil strainer on a 06 WR 450. I torqued the strainer to specs. but it still spun. It will not back out and after trying to remove the strainer it now has an 1/8" gap between the frame and the strainer bolt head. The washer is shot and the strainer is no good anymore, so i'm just trying to get it out so I can rethread the frame to insert a new strainer. Thanks for any help.