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  1. Chrisk7

    ***Best looking KTM contest***

    If you can't ride at least try to look good. Here's mine with these goodies: Maxxis Desert IT's Every orange anodized part KTM Hutt sells that I know of. NStyle graphics kit Frame gaurds Ram mount for GPS RK x-ring chain Renthal front sprocket 14T (52T rear) JD jet kit Flexible remote fuel mixture screw GPR-4 steering stabilizer with mounts Grips Hand guards FMF exhaust Rim stripes Hub decals Sicass racing rear LED with flush mount LED turn signals Skid plate I desmogged it and polished the kick start, shifter, and brake levers Runs strong enough to do 6th gear, 70+ mph wheelies. I'm getting around 80 miles to the tank before hitting reserve blasting around the back roads, railroads, canals, and cross country desert riding. Love the bike, very smooth power and shifting. Suspension is worlds better than my old 04, in fact the whole bike is totally different in my opinion. Here's a link to the pics: http://s165.photobucket.com/albums/u41/Chrisk7photos/Motorcycles/09%20KTM%20530%20EXC/
  2. Chrisk7

    popping on trailing throttle

    I just noticed this on my 09 EXC 530 after I put a one-way vent in the gas cap. I will be putting the hose back to the frame vent without a one way valve. Mine has been totally de-smogged and the exhaust opened up as well as the JD jet kit.
  3. Chrisk7

    ktm 530 chain guide

    I just took my right angle grinder and took a little material off the inside of the chain guide to stop the rivets from hitting on the new stealth rear sprocket.
  4. Chrisk7

    Husaberg 570 pricing?

    Well I just pulled the trigger on an 09 530. Love it. Maybe next time I'll try out the Husaberg.
  5. Chrisk7

    Husaberg 570 pricing?

    I'm thinking of buying a new bike in the next few days and can't decide between the KTM EXC 530 or the Husaberg 570. I would REALLY like it to be street legal but I REALLY like the F.Injection. What are the best pricing on the Husabergs? The best price I can find on the KTM is around 8K out the door in the N.W. for an 09. Someone tell me why I don't buy the Husaberg and if you have had any luck dual sporting them in Oregon? Thanks for any info or opinions.
  6. FMF on 09 KTM EXC's? Anyone running any aftermarket silencer/arrestor's on the 08/09 EXC's? If so are they worth the change? See much improvement? Just wondering if I should spend any money on them or not.
  7. Chrisk7

    first real trip to the dunes.

    If you haven't already, grease your air filter lip where it mates to the air box, as well as silicon at the air box seal/boot junction. It is amazing where sand will get into on bikes.
  8. Has anyone got plates for the 650R in Eastern Or.? I just got the title for my bike from the guy who bought it new and I would like to dual sport it but don't know if I want to spend the time and money for the dual sport kit before I know if I can get plates for the bike. The title looks like any other bike title but there is a plate number on the title even though the bike has no plates? I've heard that they don't require an inspection around here before issuing plates but I don't know for sure. Any tips or info greatly appreciated.
  9. Chrisk7

    What aftermarket tank for the 650R?

    Thanks a lot guy's that is the info I'm looking for. I would like to extend the range to at least 100 miles if possible on the 650R with the uncorked, re jetted, unrestricted mods. and 13/48 gearing.
  10. What is the best aftermarket tank for the XR 650R as far as fit, finish, size, color etc.? I would like to get a larger tank for the 650 but haven't really heard much about the different brands.
  11. I'm thinking I need a new 08 KTM 530 EXC and was wondering if anyone has licensed one in Oregon for street use yet? If so did you have any issue's?
  12. Chrisk7

    Recommended GPS?

    I've just spent countless hours in the last few months researching GPS's. It is my opinion after owning 3 Magellan and now one Garmin (Zumo 450 and soon a Map 60 csx) that the Garmins are the way to go. The Magellan's were problematic, the units aren't as easy to figure out as the Garmins, the software only seemed to work when it wanted to, the new Explorist XL I had quit working on me, I sent it in for repairs and they said they couldn't fix it and sent me a 600 back. I sold it on Ebay. The Magellan company is horrendous to try and communicate with and the service was way not worth it. Look around on just about any GPS forum and you will find the same things being said that I just did. I highly recommend the Garmin Map 60 or 76 CSX they are both basically the same unit just different designs and the 76 floats. The Garmin software for the computer couldn't be easier to use in my opinion either. I also highly recommend the RAM mounts. Good luck
  13. I just sold an 02 21 ft Desert Fox toy hauler and I'm wanting to buy another bumper pull toy hauler in the 21 to 28 foot range. What are your thoughts on brands out there? I thought the Desert Fox was a very well built and nicely laid out design but would like to maybe try another brand out next time. Would appreciate any links or info on other brands.