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  1. messy

    2013 KTM 350 6 DAYS

    All good. after a phone call to KTM Welshpool Western Australia, confirming these parts should be supplied, The retailer has "found" them and will have them fitted accoringly
  2. Has anyone picked up their new bike? Did it come with radiator guards and cooling fan like the KTM web site says under "WITH exclusive optional equipment" mine hasn't??? http://www.ktm.com/g...it/Product.html i would email KTM directly, however they are very careful not to provide email addresses on their web sites. I am reluctant to start a battle with my local dealer. they charge like wounded bulls already
  3. messy

    Aprilia - first ride

    Would very much like to know what you think now you've brocken it in? I live in Australia where the bike is releasd in June. Have been a big fan of a very reliable 03 Yamaha WR450 and would like to update. Have heard air filter maintenance puts dirt into throtle body? Any other dislikes? does it feel heavy?