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  1. Strangerous

    New drz400e owner needs advice.

    Thanx guys, I will do the routine you suggest greg, 3 minutes idle, 3 mins rest then check. The white is like a foam, and I have been checking it after letting it run for a min then stop it and check straight away so I may be doing it wrong. Can I ask for a little more info on the pressure/leakdown test? Complete offroad novice here?!
  2. Strangerous

    New drz400e owner needs advice.

    Hi, great web site! Just bought a DRZ400e, actually I swapped it for my VTR1000 but thats another story. What I need is to find out if 'white stuff' on my dipstick (no jokes) is a sign of a blown head gasket? (water getting in to the oil) I've spoken to a few mates who tell me it is, but the person I got the bike from says its a DRZ 'thing' and not to worry about it. He said it's caused by the frame heating and cooling (oil being stored in the frame) He told me he changed the oil a week ago and found no white stuff (water) in the oil. Its done my head in a bit and would just like to hear it's supposed to be that way or not, any advice or similar views would be much appreciated