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    Question on Fitting S speedo, subframe to an E

    Thanks for the suggestions, guys. I think I will dump the idea of the OE speedometer, etc. You're right, I dont really need all the indicator lights. And from searching around, I get the idea that any Japanese M/C speedo will work? So I'm thinking about getting an old speedo off EBay. Still would like to latch onto an S/SM subframe and passenger pegs, as I think that would be the best way to go. Those clamp on pegs look pretty desperate to me....
  2. atkinsonrr

    Black plastic??

    I bought a Acerbis black plastic set for my E. It looks very good, although I haven't tried fitting it up yet. You will need to check if they have a kit for your bike. They give you everything but the tank and headlight shroud, for around 100 bucks, which I thot was reasonable. --Rob
  3. I am dual-sporting my 2001 400E and want to put an S or SM speedo on it and an S or SM subframe on it in order to get rear footpegs and support for a rack. (I know I can have footpeg mounts welded onto the E subframe, and I may end up going that way if I cant find a S or SM subframe for reasonable money). So I have a couple of questions. First, will the E odometer drive and cable simply screw onto the S/SM speedo and everything will be wonderful? And second question, will the S/SM subframe simply bolt onto the E frame with the only mod needed being cutting some plastic on the rear fender to allow the rear 'loop' of the S/SM subframe to pass through? Does the E muffler bolt right up or would I have to fabricate some sort of hanger? Thanks!!
  4. atkinsonrr

    Got a Stock E Exhaust that Needs a Home?

    REALLY? No one has a stock E exhaust they would part with?
  5. HI-- The stock exhaust on my E is pretty thrashed and I just want to replace it with a stock unit without dents -- one that just needs a bit of sanding and paint to look new. Anyone have such a beast and willing to part with it? Please let me know! Thanks!!!!! --Rob
  6. atkinsonrr

    Anyone Have an 400S sub-frame and pegs?

    Really? I was trying to avoid welding, and I thought the sub frames would just be a bolt-on swap. Anyone know the difference between the two?
  7. I have my 400E set up for dual-sport, but have not found a good solution for passenger pegs. I will trade you my subframe plus some money.