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  1. Day people... Does anybody know what the volts/amps output must be for all the coils and the stater on the wire harness. The primary and secondary coils, ignition coils, alternator coils etc? Trying to fix mine, but can't find it anywhere. Not even listed in workshop manual. Thanks Arrie
  2. Thanks guys. Found the main problem on the bike. The wiring harness - now to get the volts/amps settings for harness. Not listed in Bike manual. Thanks Arrie
  3. Day people... I have a 2004 KXF250. The bike is giving me some hassles at the moment. The thing is kicking back hard when trying to start it. almost takes off your shin. The thing is at the mech's shop, and he is struggling. The bike also spits outs a long flame after starting. This might be a exhaust gasket? The revs are very irregular. Rolls up and down when throttle is kept in one place. We thought it might be electrical, so a new CDI box was fixed, but all the above problems are still there. The dude checked the valves, the shims, the jetting. He thinks it might be the Coils that are not getting enough electricity? Anybody have any ideas of how to get rid of these demons in my bike? Thanks Arrie