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    dirt-biking, fishing, camping, archery, getting dirty, whatever...
  1. farm-boy

    Baby pool roost video:)

    Yup - that's me - no harm done. If anyone wants to see the one where the arse of the pool blows out and i hit land-fill in fifth... let me know. fb oh yeh and for the record - i was wearing boardies under that apron. Edit: http://s52.photobucket.com/albums/g5/farm-boy/?action=view&current=StrayaDay06_take2.flv Of course the sequel is NEVER as good ay.
  2. farm-boy

    first post... sort of...

    Thanks guys... Managed to get away with it 5 times before the bottom of the pool blew out - seems like 5th was just too much. The tube of water went from white to chocolate brown in a split second, and before i knew it i had dug 8 inches into the back yard. Catch yas round. Rockety Rock. fb
  3. Hi guys - new to the site, thought sharing a vid might be a nice way to start. Already posted in the wrong section, so thought i'd try again... duh. http://s52.photobucket.com/albums/g5/farm-boy/?action=view&current=StrayaDay06.flv Catch yas later. Rockety Rock. fb