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  1. Justin Sain

    As cool as my Ducati is...

    I loaned my DRZsm to a friend and we were riding today, we stopped and this guy pulls up and asked a few ?'s about the SM, he left and came back later and was just facinated by it asking all kinds of ?'s The bad ass duc parked next to it was all but invisible!! Granted he was a redneck and I could smell beer on his breath at ~ around 11am, but still!! it's gonna be a hard one to sell, won't be hard to find a buyer, but it'll be hard for me to let go. Dunno if I can do it.
  2. Justin Sain

    The next generation

    I hear you on the gear, man it sucks at work cause I'm SO outnumbered by squids, they try to make it look like i'm some over cautious dummy, I almost can't wait till one crashes, but I wouldn't really wish that on anyone.
  3. Justin Sain

    The next generation

    Seems like forever ago that I taught him how to ride a bicycle w/o training wheels, he made another huge step yesterday. We're just practicing starts for now, 3rd gear, no shifting. I told him it was a 50 until he got his confidence up that he could ride it, you guys shoulda seen his face later when I told him he'd been riding a 125!! haha I remember being like that! He was super stoked when I explained all he needs is longer legs and he's got the skills to ride virtually any motorcycle now that he's got the clutching concept down. I can't wait till we can go on rides together, that'll be very cool.
  4. Justin Sain

    Odd tire wear

    I don't have anything to compare them agains, but absolutely. That's what replacement is on the way. By the looks of the wear, I think it's human error at some point. I have a ton of confidence in their grip.
  5. Justin Sain

    Odd tire wear

    The more I look at it, I think I was being a baby, I should be fine to ride wherever until thursday, only talking about a couple hundred miles tops..... Good side Bad side
  6. Justin Sain

    Odd tire wear

    If it were on a car I wouldn't think twice about riding on it, but I'm pretty new to riding bikes. I know itd be hell in rain, or over water but there's no chance of that today (save for someone washing a car or something). I just don't know if there's some major adverse handing affect specific to bikes that I don't know about. Obviously I'm not gonna be leanin it over far in turns today on a questionable tire, just looking to commute. My gut/common sense tells me it's not that bad, but that's coming from a car background.
  7. Justin Sain

    Odd tire wear

    My rear tire (distanzia) is wearing weird, one 1/2 of it the tread is low and the other 1/2 it's almost bald (noticeably lower tread on one 1/2 of tire than the other (not side to side, I'm talking about the 1/2 of the circumfrence.) I'm getting a new one on Thursday but I really want to ride. When I lean into a turn I can feel it chatter, so I've stopped riding it. I'm off today the weather is nice and I have a ~60mi round trip I'd REALLY like to ride the bike on, but not if it's not safe. The part that I say is bald you can still see the outline of the tread and there's no metal showing at all. Think it's safe to ride till my new tire gets here? Also what would cause this wear, improper tire balance?
  8. Justin Sain

    California Zapped my Z - need suggestions

    >> I've run the bike in my driveway with the entire end cap off in order to get some sort of an idea of the sound increase cutting the tip would incur and it is not all that loud.<< A free reving engine and one under load are 2 different animals.There's no shortage of people that wish they didn't do it.
  9. Justin Sain

    Happy 4th

    I miss those non working weeks! (I'm stuck behind the wire, someone get out there and ride for me!!
  10. Justin Sain

    New Rims, Misc Plastics!! [PICS]

    Does he do a lot of towing or something with all those mirrors? j/k
  11. Justin Sain

    FCR orders?

    I hope that's not the case, if it is, I guess I'll know tommorow seeing as I placed my order 6/2.....
  12. Justin Sain

    Mounting/Balancing a tire

    damn it's even worse than I thought!! If it were dirt tires I wouldn't think twice about spooning them on myself, but SM tires have such a low sidewall, I can tell it's not easry.
  13. Justin Sain

    Mounting/Balancing a tire

    I've about had it with local retailers....I stopped into the local shop to ask him if he had a tire in stock (knowing he wouldn't) then asked him how much to mount/balance one. He told me $50 which I thought was a little high, but whatever, I'll support my neighbors when I can. I said ok, "I'll be in touch with you when I get one". He said "well I can order it right now" I said, "thanks but I like to shop around and see where the prices are at before I buy, I think somone on line has them on sale" then he goes "Oh well um it's $60 to mount/balance if you don't buy the tire from me, so let me know the best price you find and I'll see what I can do". I just shook my head and said "Yeah maybe" and walked out. WHAT A DICK!!!!!!!! I'm gonna try my best not to support that place just on principle. How much do you guys pay for mount/balance? At those rates I should buy a machine.
  14. Justin Sain

    16 tooth CS sprocket for 400SM

    I might feel like a goon when I get shown, but I don't understand how the case saver gets in the way, are we talking about the front sprocket?
  15. Justin Sain

    folding mirrors ???

    check out CRG also