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  1. michael alan price

    keep yz carb or go bbr carb on big bore kit

    just wondering if it make a difference at all have no problem with yz carb
  2. michael alan price

    any negatives on 150 big bore kit

    I Have The Yz Carb And Bbr Air Filter Already . How Long Have U Had Your Bigbore Put Alot Of Hours On Iti
  3. michael alan price

    any negatives on 150 big bore kit

    just wondering if it will mess with the longavity of the motor . pretty much have every mod except big bore dont want to mess with the reliability of the little engine that could.thanx
  4. michael alan price

    The most important mod for a TT-R125L?

    bbr exhaust yzcarb fast 50s front and rear spring frame cradle
  5. i would have to say mods totally worth it carb makes great improvement springs front rear so much better than stock hitting airs didnt know little bike could do.Then took it on trail absorbed hits so much better could ride alot faster . 2006ttrL
  6. michael alan price

    rsw fork brace does it actually work price is right

    90% done on mods next on list is clamp and fork brace. never known anybody to use one just wanted to know from someone thats actually used one. thankx:usa:
  7. michael alan price

    2006 TTR125le New OTD?

    great deal on a le i bought 2006l for 2500 otd no regrets dont buy used a little more $=warranty
  8. michael alan price

    Some TTR 230 Action Shots

    looks like a good trout stream any fish
  9. michael alan price

    yz80 carb vs bbr carb whats better.

    the only mod for airbox i have done is bbr air filter have the bbr pipe also
  10. michael alan price

    yz80 carb vs bbr carb whats better.

    just had my yz 80 carb installed kinda of having doubts wondering if anybody has run both carbs want best performance least upkeep. thanx:confused:
  11. never really planned on getting yz carb good deal though cant pass up just recently put bbr air filter hoping dont need to change.thanx:prof:
  12. michael alan price

    smaller pilot jet installed wont start.

    just picked bike up from shop routine oil change valves ect. had stock pilot shop installed smaller pilot bike wont start kicked it like 200 times. just wondering if that could be problem never had problem before 2006 bike.
  13. michael alan price

    rear shock ttr125l

    anybody have a comparision of the fast 50s rear shock compared to the works rear about a 200 difference wonder if its worth the jack bbr rear to soft