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  1. NewHampshire

    lol yeah I know... kawieriders owns me at work often
  2. Check it out.... its new but it will come around quick.
  3. NewHampshire

    One day left!
  4. NewHampshire

    Put on ebay
  5. NewHampshire

    $500 brand new. I PUT THEM ON EBAY look for item number 300549317889 In manchester nh
  6. Thanks, next Sunday I have off maybe I'll hit you up. There is a couple good hours of trails near my parents house in Merrimack, where I store my bike, as well as an OK moto-x track. I'm up to just about anything, from trails to tracks.
  7. Thanks! Unfortunately my only days are Monday after 2PM and Fridays as well as 1 weekend a month.
  8. ouch that sucks :thumbsup:
  9. Boy, what a friendly bunch!
  10. I bought a brand new, left over 04, RM-Z250 last spring and I just never get a chance to ride this thing. Last year I probably tallied about 10 hours on the bike and haven't touched it this year, so it's basically new and essentially stock with the exception of Acerbis Hand Gaurds and black fenders. What do you think a good asking price is?
  11. My selection of friends left who still ride has been dwindled down to about 1 and our schedules just seem to never match, so needless to say my bike is just sitting. It's june already and I haven't even ridden once this year. If anyone around my age range is finding themselves in the same situation maybe we can link up and ride. I'm 28 and live in Nashua but I store my bike in Merrimack at my parents house. I have been riding about 16 years and I am open to about anything, from trails to tracks. My email is Thanks, Adam
  12. If all you found wrong is the rod bearings, just replace them and fire it up... If anything else is wrong it will be quickly apparent I'm sure.
  13. I have monkey arms, thats good for me
  14. You won't even notice it, it's such a minute change. Drop one in the front if you want to lower your gearing.
  15. sixsixone pressure suit. FTW.