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  1. mrpage

    Racer X Fan of The Week

    Were you the guys parked beside the road near gate 3? If so, it looked like you were having a great time.
  2. mrpage


    Me and two friends will be flying up there on Friday. Can't wait to get there.
  3. mrpage

    Gas caps and Fuel Screws

    Pro Circuit makes a good fuel screw.
  4. mrpage

    WR Carb Problem

    It could be something as simple as your throttle cables being pulled to tight. I had the same thing happen to me when I recently installed a JD Jet Kit. Once I got some slack in the cables the throttle worked perfectly.
  5. mrpage

    putting a helmet cam in the front fender

    I'll try and post some pics. I noticed you are in Georgia do you ever ride at Durhamtown? I will be there 1/14. I'd be glad to show you the setup.
  6. mrpage

    putting a helmet cam in the front fender

    I also have the motocomm helmet cam and I mounted mine to the handlebars after I tried it on my helmet. I did not like the idea of having wires hanging off me while riding. I mounted the camera on the clutch side of the bars using the universal mount that comes with the kit then ran the wire from the camera underneath the gas tank and seat to the recorder that is kept in a thin Moose tool pack that I have mounted on the rear fender. I also have the camera hot wired to the bikes battery so I don't have to buy eight new batteries every time I want to use the camera. So far I have been very pleased with the video quality from this setup. I was afraid that there would be too much vibration but you don't see it in the videos. The viewpoint you get from the handlebar mount looks cool on video, the camera is always pointing to where you are going not just where your looking.