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    Stuck Hot Start inside Carb!

    This appears to be an ongoing problem. The hotstart is stuck on mine (06) also. Only been ridden 3 times. Does not seem to be a problem with other brands (yama, honda, suz). It has to be a design flaw. I spoke with someone at kawasaki, also spoke with a couple of dealers and no one has heard of this problem. The people at kawasaki said to "take the bike to the local kawi shop and have them call us" and possibly they would take care of the cost. It's not that big of a deal because the bike can be ridden with the hotstart stuck. But it's bullcrap to have to pull a carb off and drill the plunger out after 3 rides. How hard is it to switch over to the knob style hotstart? Is this something that can be purchased out of the box ready to install?