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  1. no worries. i use to work at a shop, did a few of them. they change the oil jet from a 100 to a 150 (770.30.058.150) thats the part number for the new one. there has been a couple more updated bulletin regarding this topic, but as long as when your vin isnt flagged upon doing a check on the ktm website, i wouldnt worry about it. in case you are putting in a new rod, make sure that who ever is doing has the updated info regarding tolerances for installation of the rod and pin.
  2. the recall is a fact, it only affected certain 2008 sxf 250 models. for any 250 that was ran for 10 hours or less, just the rod needed to be replaced. anything over 10, a con rod kit was needed. it was just basically a new rod and pin. along with this the replacement of the rod, a oil jet needed to be replaced as well. it had to do with proper lubricating to the rod and pin. if your dealer did ran the vin and nothing showed up, chances are that it wasn't needed. it would show a understanding tech bulletin on that vin if the recall wasn't completed by a dealer. your dealer should be easily able to look it up on ktmdealer.net. hope that helps. the tech bulletin number is: TB 0817
  3. shayne_omac

    250sxf quiet exhaust

    is anyone running any of these??? just looking for some feed back on what others are using and what they think..
  4. shayne_omac

    250sxf quiet exhaust

    alrighty, here is my issue. i have a 2009 250sxf and i'm in the market for an aftermarket exhaust, slip-on or full system. there is nothing wrong with my stock, its actually in great shape. i'm just looking for something a little more quiet. i've been all over the map with this. i'm an all around type of rider, motocross, hare scrambles, single track, im not picky. but spots are scarce and people bitch and moan. so ive been looking at a few things. FMF megabomb or powebomb with a Q4 can, leo vince, akrapovic, pro circuit, or a different ktm stock silencer, or any other brand that you can think of. im just looking for something quiet. any advice and help would be greatly appreciated. thanks.
  5. shayne_omac

    KTM seat problem

    just try smacking it down with your hand. my buddies have the same problem with theres and we just smack down once and it pops on. its only like a 1/4" off.
  6. shayne_omac

    07 450sx-f Valve question!!!

    yeah ,thats pretty much all there is too it. after the intial breakin and the valves are checked and/if adjusted, you dont really have to do it again for a while. you should check them every once and a while but usually they are always within tolerance
  7. shayne_omac

    '07 250XCF-W Need help on lights please

    hey, lighting kit for the XCF-W is easily available. you can either go through your local KTM dealer and get the KTM OEM lights, or you could get a off road lighting kit from enduro engineering, it depends on weather or not you want to blue plate it. which province do u live in by the way?? I live in toronto and i have the '06 sxf 250. most guys seem to purchase the enduro engineering kits because green plates seem to be more common than the blue i find. Also the KTM stock exhaust is a lil on the loud side of things. They come stock with the SX silencer, so is sound is a issue where you ride then you might also want to look into a aftermarket exhaust. you could also put a Db dawg in the silencer and that would lower the Db's by about 3 or so. they do fit but they erquire a lil bit of modifying. The KTMs are also race ready out of the box, the whole package compared the Jap bikes and worth the extra few dollars. the suspension with the link less rear shock, less maintenence in the long run. brembo breakes with braided lines, galfer wave rotors, hydraulic clutch, oversize front axle, easy access air filter, just everything about the eash much easier to work with. i also have a YZF250 and when i bought the KTM, i was just amazed about how much thought went into the design of the bike for maintenence. i know that where i work they are sold out and the XCF-W's are hard to come by. so hopefully they are available for you to purchase. you cant go wrong with a KTM, i have nothing but good things to say about the bike. sorry if i rambled on too much but i just thought that i would say those few things.
  8. shayne_omac

    LC4 rear disc gurad??

    who makes that guard???
  9. is there any rear disc guards available for the LC4??
  10. shayne_omac

    2007 Ktm 250 Sxf

    hey. the '07 SXF is awesome. i have a '06 and i absolutley love it. i weigh about 168 lbs and the stk settings were mint for my riding style. im an iter. rider but the stk settings were awesome. i work at a dealership, i rode the '07 and was even more impressed. the bike feels lighter, more narrow, more stable at faster speeds and is just overall awesome!! the power does seem better off the bottom but the top end feels a lil bit better with some good over rev. mine is pretty much bone stk., jus adjusted the jetting for the weather, but the '07 that i tested was stk., so i can easily compare the two. most of the guys at the shop prefered the '07 just because of the improved handling and ergonomics. it would be a great bike of choice. you cant go wrong. if you do get one, first things first, put some blue lock tite on the shifter bolt and the kickstarter bolt. check them before and after you ride the first few rides, after that every once and a while. have a good one