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  1. I now have a new misson i'm going to map out all of idaho city as soon as i get a chance just to ruin it for douchebags like you.
  2. Simple answer. Because native Idahoans and most of the transplants that think there native are bigger ******** then most of the California's they love to sit around and bitch about. Secret riding area's aren't so secret if someone really thinks only a couple of ppl know about secret riding spots there only kidding themselves. If one person has found it more then likely so has someone else.
  3. Back off subject. Did you know there's starving orphans in China?
  4. I wish I live right in downtown. I don't even have anything to chain it to. I've seen a couple of storage places but right now I can't get to them cuz my work schedule doesn't allow me any time to get there while they are open but i'm hoping i'll be able to get it taken care of in the next couple of weeks so when I can get back down south I can bring it back with me.
  5. I'm guessing no place since the bike is in Nampa and i'm in Bonner's Ferry and still don't have a place to store the damm thing yet.
  6. Trucking companies in or close to town would be Motor West, Holman both in Caldwell. May trucking company has s terminal in Payetee or however you spell it. I heard thru the grapevine that Boise Truck Service was looking for a mechanic but i'm not positive on that one. Lake City International is out by the airport as is the Peterbuilt dealer and I belive Pete is always looking for something. Idaho Sand and Gravel might be another place and mabye even Simplot or Transystems. oh and Western States Cat is off Meridian road as well and If i remember right so is Arnolad Equipment and Cesco and one other is over there around Western States
  7. i'll be up in BF looking for housing on monday anyone up for say wed or thur ride?
  8. or ya'll could convoy to the great far north and take in some of the riding up there of course i'm not even sure if i get to bring my bike up there yet or not since i may be living outta a cardboard box lol
  9. yeah if things work out right...I was suppose to have a FedEx package on friday that had the final letter in it along with all of the contact info for whoever I needed to talk to up there but it hasn't shown yet....i'm not suppose to have to go back thru the acadamy but i'm waitting to hear that from the port itself...if I really don't i'm going to run up this weekend and find something to rent or buy then run back and basically screw off all week so i'm sure that will included a mid week ride.
  10. I'm in a panic I have two weeks to pack up my life and move to Bonners Ferry and it's not going real smooth I hadn't exactally figured on things working as fast as they did LOL I am going to try to make it out next weekend or during the week the week after this one for a couple of last spins in the Big "O" Country.
  11. i'm too busy stocking up on new guns to bother wasting money on a couple of gallons of gas....anyone wanna buy a 450x?
  12. uh just cuz i'm not riding with ya'll don't mean i'm not riding
  13. No only couples who are "Attention Whores"
  14. It was a balmy 72 degrees in my house and the beer was ice cold...I did however at least find my charger and I went outside and looked at my scooter and thought about riding....
  15. I still haven't figured out there system here do I need to plate it to ride all the dirt roads it looks like there all forest circus roads.