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  1. Race Motorama? I'd sooner jump Fry River Gulch on a Hasbro big wheel!
  2. None. All the mounts would need to be fabricated and the frame may need to be chopped.
  3. So I've now read 10 pages of posts and still don't know the weight. Great.
  4. I would assume if it's anything like an auto, it would need to be inspected. Anytime a car changes ownership the new owner has to have it inspected, regardless of what the inspection sticker says.
  5. You could do all the preliminary work you wanted to, once they run the VIN, you're screwed.
  6. Paul had an off day. He was consistently in the top 5, but simple mistakes/falls relegated him further back in the pack. He was pretty bummed about the whole deal. By the time we left, we fugured you took off, so we didn't try to catch up with you. I think we left the track about 6 pm.
  7. I saw that second Lites novice class - talk about carnage! I think I got whiplash from trying to keep up with all the crashes. Did you happen to figure out what all the commotion was about after the race? I guess there were a lot of irate people thinking they needed to go back out after the red flag, even though more than half the race was complete.
  8. Maybe I'll swing by and check it out, I need a place to work out some recent injuries without doing anything too major. Do you have to call before going on the weekend, or just show up, pay and ride?
  9. Supercross

    Just playing Devil's Advocate here, so please take with a grain of salt. I am only trying to stimulate the conversation. From what I am reading into this reduction is not to slwo down Stewart or Reed, but to allow the others in the pack to have more control of their bikes. According to Whitlock, only the top guys like Stewart, Reed and Carmichael can use the full power and potential of the 450 bikes. I think he believes that if the displacement is lower, then others can push themselves harder and longer hopefully resulting in closer racing. I can actually see the logic to his statement and think it could work, but I also believe that the tops guys will still remain on top, no matter what bike size they are riding.
  10. It's a problem with the Kenda's I had the same issue riding them in loam. If you need to get a Kenda, maybe look at the Carlsbad.
  11. Irish Valley is super, I love trying to do the Highway 95 water croosing at the bottom of the hills after they water. Oh, that's not a water crossing? And here I thought that 3 foot deep puddle in the corner was an irrigation pond.
  12. I am actually just looking to play ride.
  13. I'll be in the Manchester area around the first week of May. I don't mind having to drive a few hours one way or the other to get somewhere, I'd just hate to waste a good May weekend!