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  1. hamradio

    Snow riding

    Anyone have snow riding suggestions? I don't own a 4 stroke anymore, but I just was out riding my '84 IT200 in about 8-10" of snow. It did alright, but is there a way to get the front wheel to not wash out so much? I intend on putting studded tires on, but feel they would be of little help. Tires are- Front- IRC Battle Rally Back- Kenda Trakmaster Both tires are new.
  2. hamradio

    Ktm 300 Txc?

    Hi, For sale locally is a '91 KTM 300 TXC. I can't seem to find much info on it. Basically, what exactly is the 300 TXC? And, the ad says it "needs the front damper welded." Does this bike have a steering damper? All around, how is it? I found it for a friend (it'd be his first bike). All he asks me is if it would beat my '84 Yamaha IT200.
  3. Hi, I've got a question- What's an easy way to remove a number background so you can put a new one on? Anyone have any websites or tutorials on making your own number background for bikes? One number background on my '84 IT200 is this ugly carbon fiber effect tape stuff. I hate it, and want it yellow like the rest. I've got all the others yellow, and have the decal stuff to do it, but want to get the original one off in one piece, so I can trace and cut it.
  4. Like the truck, like the BMW (325? 5 series? 7 series?), would never own the bike. I dislike cruisers. Everyone and their brother seems to have a cruiser, out on the road. I LOVE it when I see someone driving a really cool vintage Honda, or dualsport. A '70 Honda CB350 twin is much cooler, IMO. Keep in mind this is my opinion; don't flame me.
  5. Also, wish I had a PE!! I've got the next best thing- and IT.
  6. Checked eBay? I think there's a SuzukiPE.com or something like that, too.
  7. Ok, question- What modern four stroke could my '84 Yam IT200 easily run with? Someone at school said that his brand new YZ250F could be my bike so bad, and my bike is a piece (though I never even told him what bike I even have!! ). But, I heard of a 125 being as fast as a 250F. I love going through the gears on a gravel road and leaving a huge spinout spot wherever I shifted!.
  8. hamradio

    Hello, my bike and I

    Oooh, that 280 in the background looks nice. As does the bike. I've got an '84 Yamaha IT200, which on a gravel road, spins out everytime I shift (with nearly new back tire). For vehicles, I'm set on buying a VW Jetta, Passat, Golf, or GTI. Or Corrado, if it was in good shape. New style Jettas are getting more into my price range; I found a '99 5sp new Jetta for $3400. By the end of next summer I'll be able to afford one. Is your 280 turbo? Auto or manual?
  9. Here's my bad 4 stroke experience. Bought a '84 KLR250 for $250 on ebay. Was a POS when I went to pick it up. Thought it just had bad cams. Head was cracked, run low on oil. Piston shot. Started tearing into the engine. Shot bearings everywhere. Tranny bearings all bad. Every single bearing in it was bad. Threw engine out in the shed, bought a new used one on eBay. Finally got it all back toghether, with loads of new non engine parts (lots of body parts, etc). Then got loads of carb issues. Some wise person tore the fuel connector of that dang CVK carb. CVK carb+offroad bike+me= not good. Ran well, after $300 of used parts (got parts at a great price; should have been more like $500 in parts. But, the carb persisted with it's issues. Got so tired of that big heavy bike. So sick of working on it to ride it a little bit. Cut my losses and sold it for $260, bought a great conditon 2 stroke '84 yamaha IT200 for $700, the previous owner cared for it extremely well, and after owning it a few days, learned it has a DG pipe on it. Don't buy a non running four stroke. Ask if you can inspect the cams, even if it does run (if it isn't too hard to). Do compression checks.
  10. I figured that it was hard enough for an adult to make payments, let along a teenager. My source of funds for machines in working with my dad on underground sprinklers in summer. I work dang hard for my money- go work in the dirt all day long, in 95-100 F weather, on my knees installing things in a hole that if I'm lucky, I didn't have to dig. I do so much looking before I make a big purchase. I think next summer I'll buy a Jetta that I want so badly. And maybe, maybe a newer scooter for a couple hundred. Things don't need to be brand new to have fun. Someone at school said, I bet my YZ250F could beat your 200 2 stroke. I don't know if it could, I'm guessing most likely. But, I almost think I have more fun on mine, even though it is older and not as nice, since I worked for every dollar of mine, instead of having my dad buy it for me. Getting a little OT there. But, nobody ever said I gave good advice. I figured I'd get flamed for that comment. Here's the one mistake I made with bikes- Buy cheap, buy twice. Don't, under any circumstances, buy a non running bike if you aren't TOTALLY, TOTALLY sure of what's wrong. And make dang sure of that. I paid $250 for a '84 KLR250. Looked better in the pics on eBay. Has the snot beat out of it, first engine was ruined. Had been run with low oil and a cracked head. I put like $300 into it, plus what I paid for it. The most I could get for it selling it was $260 plus a Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly subscription and T shirt. That would not have been a good day had I not come home with the IT200 10 mins before the guy showed up to get the KLR.
  11. Seems dumb to be making payments on something when you're not even out of high school. People at school at paying off their quads. I'd have really hard time making payments on a bike (money+I couldn't bring myself to buy an expensive bike). I bought my '84 IT200 for $700. I don't race it (might do some enduros or harescrambles and see what happens), but it's loads of fun in the woods. If it's for fun, just buy a cheap bike, beat it, have fun, and be glad you aren't making payments. And for me, personally, I'd have no desire to buy a full size truck unless for work. Too poor of milage. Dream vehicles for me are a VW Jetta TDI diesel or a Toyota 4x4 or Nissan 4x4 5 speed pickup. I could never afford the TDI, but new style Jettas are falling into my price range- Under $3k. People tell me to sell all my old machines and go buy a quad or a new bike. My reasons for not doing that are- I'd never buy a quad besides utility, and my '85 $200 kawasaki 185 serves me fine for utility and I can go spend a ton of money on one big thing, or buy a bunch of smaller, older things, and have just as much/if not more fun. Like I said, if the bike is just for fun and not racing, just buy something older. An '86 Husqvarna 250 was for sale for $600 locally, and I think that has an Ohlins back shock. Not a bad bike, IMO.
  12. hamradio

    Never say never-shopping for a Harley.

    That's what bugs me mainly about harleys. The excessive chrome people put on it. Can hardly look at the when it's coming and the sun is shining at it. I had the most classic little bike I've ever set my hands on for a while- MINT '77 KE100. Metallic blue tank, side covers. White fenders. I did some work on it and had it for a summer (neighbor's). Had 4k miles on it, title, not licensed since like '92.
  13. Some 2 stroke exhaust stinks- when you use cheap oil. Whenever I smell a sled run, it makes me want it to snow more. My bike smells nicer with Amsoil Intimidator.
  14. hamradio

    Never say never-shopping for a Harley.

    We've got a Kubota BX1800 with loader, snowblower, 60" mower deck, tiller, blade, etc. LOVE IT! If you get a smaller Kubota, the loader is a must.
  15. hamradio

    Never say never-shopping for a Harley.

    RZ's are so cool. I always thought they looked neat. I bet it'd sound cool.