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  1. hey. im sorry but how do i create a post just like you did about the step seat??? also how could i see if someone replies to me? thanks alot
  2. hows it going bud? im karson molnar from melville saskatchewan. im 16 years old. im answearing your question. yes, the cops can impound your bike. i live in a town of 5000 people. i was talking to some buddies in a parking lot and i had my bike there, the cops never seen me driving or nothing and they came up to me and started harrassing me and i was lipping back to them and they threttened to impound my bike. so it can happen. the price on getting it back all depends on how much the impound owners charge.. and for how long you leave it in there.
  3. hey. i got a quick question.. how do you set forms up so people can see them and then reply to them?? my addy is karson_31@hotmail.com thanks