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  1. kxracer201

    Justin Barcia Is Sick

    From what I have seen the kids seems like a punk bang people and what not. We will see how he does come Glen Helen. The difference between pro and amateurs is that in the pros they ALL go fast and a lot of you are right, there is no reason to bang the revs like that just sounds like a kid that gets pissed easily you saw him flippin some dude off cause he thought he got in his way.
  2. kxracer201

    Oil Breather

    Well the oil in the sight windows looks fine. I think it is something to do with the oil screen. I am changed the oil several times and it is still doing it. I will let you know what I discover.
  3. kxracer201

    Oil Breather

    so I am thinking I should pull the cover off and check the screen. If the screen is in there correctly then what? Can anyone point me in the direction for the next trouble shoot? Any other posts about this problem?
  4. kxracer201

    Oil Breather

    Well no coolant missing - the entire motor was apart. I am going to check the salvage screen tomorrow - if it was a gasket, where would you start?
  5. kxracer201

    Oil Breather

    I just had my 06 rebuild and now it seems like a decent amount of milky oil is coming out of the breather. The oil almost looks like a blown head gasket, but the oil in the sight window is perfect, and when we did a pressure test on the cooling system we had no leaks. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  6. kxracer201

    2nd vid - Days at the Dunes (Coos Bay, OR)

    Super sweet - I am in GP so Coos is only like 2 hours away.
  7. kxracer201

    Splitting Connecting Rod problem?

    I lost the small end of the rod last tuesday and in the chaos it punched two holes in the cases and one in the cylinder. There was no sign of gualing and it appears as if the small loop of the rod just broke and opened up. Right now I am rebuilding the entire motor. Pretty much sucks!
  8. kxracer201

    Gernaded 06

    Pulled the motor out today. The head is okay which is a huge relief. Ripping into the motor tomorrow and order parts on Saturday. So I am getting her going. Sean
  9. kxracer201

    Gernaded 06

    Talked to Kawi direct, and they told me to screw off. Kind hurts me. Never replaced the top end becuase it was such a late model 06 and reading the forums at the time it was only affecting early model 06's so I didn't think I had an issue. Boy I was wrong.
  10. kxracer201

    What Is Your Thoughts On 13.1 Comp Ratio Wisco Piston Kit

    My wrist pin failed, stock piston, and it put three holes in my motor. Pretty messed up.
  11. kxracer201

    Gernaded 06

    No help for a fellow KX 450 rider?
  12. kxracer201

    Gernaded 06

    I was practicing today when my 06 blew up on the face of a decent size table top. Looks like the rod snapped and but 3 holes in the case. 1 in the cylinder, 1 in the center of the case right below where the cylinder meets up, that is where my rod is sticking out, and one center of the case right above the skid plate. I change the oil every 2 rides and I don't rev the crap out of it. What could of happened? Also, what do you guys think, new cases, and parts or try to ebay a motor? Thanks, Sean
  13. kxracer201

    which wheels

    I just got black excel wheels with the excel spline drive spokes. Laced and mounted was $545. Thought that was decent price. Go with excels.
  14. After a pretty good wreck last week at the local track I now have a massive flat spot in my front rim and it got everything out of wack. I have been wanting to get Black Rims for quite sometimes so now is the perfect excuse to go out and buy some. Was wondering if anyone has thoughts on Excel vs Pro Wheels? Looks like Motosport has an Excel package with spokes for $429 and a Pro Wheel package for $269. After reading the descriptions it appears they are manufactured out of the same material. Any thoughts or reviews would be very helpful.
  15. My buddy has a '06 KTM 450SX and was wondering if any of you know if you can swap out for the smaller 250SX tank? Thanks!