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    Want to jumping front end low.

    Thanks for the info. I'm o.k. at the brake tap and panic rev. I've been riding for a while so that just comes without really thinking about it now.This is something I've been working on for a while and just can't get it on my own.I always hit a jump on the gas or if I'm going to fast I'll let off and blimp it on the face.If I try to coast it I endo.I'm o.k. at seatbounceing,and know the effects on the bike, but if i coast a jump standing"my problem", should I be back on the bike , pulling back on the bars, or should I be in normal position, over the bars. It seems like when I'm back on the bike it might be giving it a seatbounce effect, compressing the shock,and with the gas off its bucking me really bad.I ask the guys what their doing and all I get is "I don't really know", but I can't really tell by watching them.All I know is they are completely off the gas and land noise first perfectly,on the gas and gone.Me landing level on the down slop slams my front end,bounces and I'm back off the ground losing time.
  2. Hope someone can help me. Not a really big problem ,but i would like to know how the pros can hit the big jumps every lap and land nose first on the down side. I jump level and consistent , but on a steep landings, coming in level slams the front end pretty hard. Is it all position , or do the chop the gas. I see a couple of guys at the track coasting over some jumps that have a big run up to them, they fly up to them and shut off the gas and jump level. I've tried this several times and I nearly endo. How can I tell if this is my position on the bike or a rebound setting? Thanks for anyones help.