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    Riding my Honda XR600R
  1. cbaranski

    New Edelbrock carb on 96 XR600R

    daddyk I'll have to do some more tweeking on it and it'll be good.
  2. I just got my new Edelbrock carb on my bike. Its hard to start after your first initial start. Any help if you can?
  3. cbaranski

    Honda 680RN

    I'd like to know what swing arm that is?
  4. cbaranski

    Mikuni flatslide carb question

    I want to know as well?
  5. cbaranski

    pics of my xr600 in a cr125

    I cant wait to see this one done!!!!!!!
  6. cbaranski

    xr600 better gearing for slow speeds

    I'm running a 13 front and a 52 rear on my 96 600r. It's really more manageable at the slower speeds.
  7. cbaranski

    mods to do to a 1997 xr600r

    xr500_89 I'd like to see your pics on this clutch deal.
  8. cbaranski

    Need help making my beast trail friendly

    I'm running 13/51 in my 96 xr600. It is a little more managable, and way quiker in corners and shortens 1st 2nd.
  9. cbaranski

    Damn, I should've known better

    Well I guess you can look at the reliability factor. The xr will keep running way longer than any old 2 smoker.
  10. cbaranski

    $2000 for 88 xr600???

    I paid $1600 for mine and it's a 96. The guy I bought it from just had an Al Baker 630cc engine put in it 3 weeks before I got it.
  11. cbaranski

    Overhaulin' : 1993 XR600

    asf Your ride looks sweet. I'm not into the supermoto deal, but still sweet.
  12. cbaranski

    Hot Cams Stage 1 in XR600?

    I have a 96 with the Hotcam stage 1. You'll be just fine. You'll love the great power band of the engine when your done.
  13. cbaranski

    Overhaulin' : 1993 XR600

    dangerranger21 Where did you get the red anodized rocker arm adjuster covers? I've always wanted a set of them.
  14. cbaranski

    USD conversion finished!

    Jeff@TheQuadShop How much for the front rim?
  15. cbaranski

    USD conversion finished!

    Jeff@TheQuadShop Would that front wheel work on my 01 cr125 USD fork set up? I'd be interested if it would.