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  1. On the four stroke Beta's, has anyone enlarged the head stay bolts holes to make it easier to line up the bolts? I think on my next valve check, I am going to enlarge the holes a couple of thousands to make every thing line up easier when it is loose.
  2. Forgot, watchout for the small gasket on the inside of the cover, which is around the spark plug channel. It will come out.
  3. You need to measure the clearence between the cam and the follower, not the follower and the shim. When reinstalling the head stays, put all the bolts in loose, before tightening. It is still difficult as the stay mounts bolt holes are tight. Also change out the "special screw" on the valve cover with a normal one. Anti-seize is your friend.
  4. Did a valve check. Not even close to needing to be adjusted.
  5. Your right, a 4.8 k spring. I installed an 8 on my tenere. It was a spring weekend.
  6. i just put a 8.5 kilogram spring on my 350 rrs and i'm 220, it's still a little light, as i have to crank it down to get the right rider sag.
  7. when you say spark, do you mean actual spark at the plug, or it's trying to fire. the first thing i would do, would run a compression test. should be around 125 or so. then check your valve clearance, if that's ok then your rings may be gone. then look at your float level, carb could free flow gas into the engine through an open intake. pretty rare but could happen.
  8. replaced the stock rear spring to a 8.5 kilogram, as well as front fork springs. having trouble balancing the race sag with the static sag with the rear, but it seems to work well. bike tracks through single track stuff and holds a line on acceleration. clicker time at the local riding area to find the best setting. it is better than it was, doesn't wallow now.
  9. As my new toy has this wonderful safety device, i have never needed before, as my former bikes had kill buttons, has anyone dealt with things. I plan on disconnecting it and see if the bike will still run and if not, figure out how to take it out of the circuit. I love safety devices that i didn't ask for.
  10. well, that simplifies things.
  11. As my wife is a good cook and I like to eat, I find that i need to upgrade my fork and shock springs on my 350 beta to something that will support my expanded figure. i have used race tech in the past on other race and street bikes, but i figured i would ask the group on their opinion and experiences dealing with both.
  12. I using a giant loop great basin bag, which is "u-shaped" on my yamaha tenere, over the top of my tent bag. I found that it also fits on my 350 Beta RRS. I think it is 60 liters and apparently waterproof, as i have not had it out in a storm yet, can't say for certain. lots of strap positions to tie stuff to. good bag, but expensive though.
  13. good looking bike
  14. I did 50 miles at Cal city on Sunday did a lot of single track in fact even climbed a 5 foot waterfall with no problem with the beta. However, even though I knew there would be a problem I was killed by the whoops out there in the desert. i have got to do something with the suspension. the thing is plush , but it just does not like whoops, in fact it's a good thing I'm done having kids because I whacked myself pretty hard on one set. it also doesn't help to be chasing a maniac on the 300 Husky.
  15. Thanks for the feedback.