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  1. JayJayUK

    little help please giys

    Hiya guys, I need a little help if possible.......'05 WR450F all free mods except grey wire plus fuel screw and DEP enduro end can, air box snorkel and r/h side holes...... I have set cab up like this....45 to 60 degrees: 170 main, #4, 48 Pilot, 1.75 turns. I am from England UK and ride at about 500ft above sea level(150-160 mtrs) mostly temperature is in the above range although hotter at the moment. Now low speed and throttle to half way all okay, but where I notice a problem is the road ride I have to do to find off road fun, at half throttle and over if at constant throttle when I open throttle to accelerate there is a delay(doesnt pick up quickly) and then all of a sudden whoosh there it is. All help greatly received . Thanks JayJayUK
  2. JayJayUK

    Bar height

    Hi Guys, Im 6' 3" tall and am finding the standign position on my new ('05) WR450F uncomfortable especially on the wrists, I believe they need to be higher so have ordered a 'Renthal RC HIGH ' replacement bars. Has anyone else done this mod if so do any control cables etc need changing also?
  3. JayJayUK

    Shocked Newbie

    Hi Guys, went out for my first off road ride on my new WR450F '05 (having spent the 2 weeks since I puchased the bike fitting all mods and Dep end can). I have not been off road for quite a while (last off road experience Suzuki TS100 Trial) &%$#@! ME!! I must have been keping the revs down or something but getting a bit cocky (and thinking she must be run in by now 37miles) I opened her up!! now after the second broadside rear wheel slide (wet conditions) my monkey butt was cooled and lubricated from my rapidly filling pants WHHOOOOOHooo. Ten mins later I dismounted John wayne styleee and looked at my new toy with alot of new found respect and thinking to myself should I have sesibly purchased the 250? No B*LLO*KS Ill be scared and get used to the new found power in time.Next question can you get off road clothing with fitted air bags? Jay (Wet n Rainy UK)
  4. JayJayUK

    Header pipe tape up job!

    Hi Guys, I have read somewhere in a thread (can not find at the moment) that there are some benefits to using exhaust bandage on the header pipes on 4 strokes. I have a WR450f '05 and wondered if anyone had any views on this?
  5. JayJayUK

    WR 450F new 2005

    Snap Ive had my '05 Wr450f 2 weeks now, it to had road kit. I have only done 37 miles so far as I had to wait for exhaust can, jettting kit etc.
  6. JayJayUK

    WR450F key switch

    Hi guys, I have just ordered a keyed ignition switch and green led from a company called RS Componants (£65 UK). So will be attempting to make my own mounting plate and wire to existing bike system this week.....wish me luck. (keep getting told ''plumbers shouldnt touch electrics'')
  7. JayJayUK

    Spot the Engine

    Just thought you may like to see this: http://engineeringnews.tamu.edu/news/1309
  8. JayJayUK

    Keyed Ignition for 06 WR450

    had a conversation with a very helpfull technician at Yamaha UK today, he said look for a keyed switch from an ATV something like 350Big Bear '95 '96 or aKodiak 400 '95 '96 for this type of add on ( red wire = permanent live and brown wire = switch live)
  9. JayJayUK

    BIG help...BIG thank you

    Hi Folks, Just wanted to say finally had my 1st ride on my new WR450F '05 today thanks to the help found in these brilliant threads. My new DEP end can the jetting kit, air box mods, fuel screw, AIS removal oh and throtle stop screw and what a relief bike running nice. ran out of time but will finish running in tommorrow. ps haven't done grey wire yet (cant find one).
  10. Hi Folks, Recently picked up new ('05) Model WR450F welcome any help with regards to fitting a keyed Ignition for a little more security that push on/off button. Also is it possibe to fit a permanent rev counter? all and any comments welcome <<<Newbie
  11. I'm really sorry I know going over the same things again and agian must try anyones patience, but I cant find the thread that will help. I am a very newbie newbie and have some real basic questions about setting up my yam wr450f I understand what sag is and how to find it but I am over the weight guide in my manual (6' 3" tall 113kg (think thats 249lbs UK). Is tightening the nut that compresses the spring called 'preload'? and does compressing that spring with that nut raise the bikes height? I would really appreciate some help guys or at least aim me in the right direction.
  12. JayJayUK

    Little Help please guys

    bike will not idle! even though it warms up. not sure on jets yet as I was waiting for my new jetting and needle kit to arrive tomorrow. I was going to get a bit more 'stuck in' once ive fitted DEP end can and have got the jets to try.
  13. JayJayUK

    Little Help please guys

    ok I have just picked up my new WR450F (new but o5 model) my dealer is 100% road bike shop and they just ended up with a cpl of wr's by accident I think. well I wanted it so I did the deal. Now it would not start in the shop so they kept it for a cpl of hours then I took it from them (having lost confidence in them) I struggled to get the bike home (2 miles max) it will not tick over, difficult to start and exhaust has some real big firework party going on!!! okay I have been reading these threads I have an aftermarket end can and jeting kit on the way, I got it back to my garage and cut airbox r/h side, removed snorkel, can not here till monday any help why it wont idle? ps I know AIS removal will help deceleration backfires
  14. JayJayUK

    Uk Wr450f Info

    Well that told me! Just got off the phone with Yamaha UK Technical and they have somewhat slapped my wrists for asking about the AIS removal. The y say '' That removing the AIS system would render the Bike illegal as it would not pass the UK emmissions levels criteria'' Now I find myself asking myself how much work is it going to be to slip this AIS pump on and off every year for the MOT check?
  15. Hey guys im fairly new to TT but I love it! leaving road bikes forever and just buying WF450F 2006 dealer says it should be ready for this weekend. I spent hour reading alot of the threads in here and got the message that 'out of the crate' its all plugged up! But I cant find the AIS remaovel kit (GYT-5TJ93-69-00) dealers cant find it. Would I be right in saying this is a U/S part and number. The UK yamaha site does not list it.