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  1. yes or no? Are they good engines or stay aways?
  2. Anyone have a rear wheel 10 or 12" will work that they wanna sell? Need rim and tire.
  3. hey does anyone have a 10 or 12" rear tire for sale? We shredded one on the thumpsar this past saturday and need one in a hurry. Thanks for any help
  4. yea i do send me a private message.
  5. I have a XR50 for sale with the pro taper big bar kit and tall seat, you can't go wrong with a honda!! I will take $700 if your interested pm me.
  6. Does anyone have any experience with Thumpstar's that have the Loncin engines in them? Just wondering because I've got a chance to pick one up at a pretty good price. Thanks
  7. that's awesome man, congrats i know you'r proud!!
  8. I am looking at a '03 XR50 with a 88 kit and tall seat/big bars and a pro circuit T4 exhaust. The guy says the only thing wrong is that it "backs off" a little at top speed. Does this sound like a jetting problem to some of you experts or what? He wants $700 for it so I just thought i'd get some opinions in here. Thanks
  9. Ok just let me know
  10. I have a BBR clamp that come off of an '01 XR50 not sure if it will fit but i think it will, i have it for sale on ebay but if you want it let me know. I'll take $50 for it. I also have two sets of BMX bars that we used with it if you're looking for some bars.
  11. The BMX ones are 27" wide vs. 29" wide on the pro tapers we have. I have two sets of BMX bars one is chrome ( but they have some surface rust) nothing major just wanted to let you know, and the others are painted flat black and they look really good. So just let me know if you are interested.
  12. I have a BBR clamp and carb cap and two different sets of bars, one is bmx style bars and the other are more like a pro taper bend with no crossbar. The one with no crossbar would be perfect for a small child. Let me know if you're interested.
  13. ok thanks
  14. you can back it down a notch there we have a XR50, i was just asking a simple question if you don't like the question don't respond.
  15. Hey, does anyone have any experience with thumpstar?