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  1. mystar

    is the SM faster than the S?

    Maybe your 145 main is too fat on the top. You said yours feels peppier, so maybe the midrange is spot on or a little rich, but, then you get too rich when the needle gets out of the main jet more. How's your air filter look? Have you oiled it lately? It's easy to get too much oil.
  2. mystar

    Lowering Links Wanted

    Yes, I'm looking for used ones...not ready to spend $70+ now.
  3. mystar

    Lowering Links Wanted

    Anyone have some 3/4" lowering links they are willing to sell? Thanks, Mike
  4. mystar

    Suzuki OEM Brake Pads

    Eddie, Thanks for sharing your vast DRZ knowledge and the 2 minute post response time! Mike
  5. mystar

    Suzuki OEM Brake Pads

    I noticed Suzuki has different part numbers for brake pads for the the E and S models. I believe the calipers and fit are the same, so can anyone tell me the difference in compound? Anyone tried both?? Thanks, Mike
  6. mystar

    Integrated turn signal lic plate frame installed!

    Don't throw those old ones away. Send you old OEM 'S' blinkers to me...I'll pay shipping. Mike
  7. mystar

    Integrated turn signal lic plate frame installed!

    Don't throw those old ones away. Send you old OEM 'S" blinkers to me...I'll pay shipping. Mike
  8. mystar

    Carb question?????

    Thanks for the replies. I belive I'll leave my 22.5 until after my West Texas dual sport ride this fall.
  9. mystar

    Carb question?????

    Oh great knowledgable DRZ gurus: Does the pilot only determine the first 1/4 throttle or so? Or will it have an impact throughout the rev range? I ordered the wrong 25 pilot and am in the middle of the 3x3 and dynojet. I have the 140 main, DJ spring and DJ needle at 4th groove. Will leaving the 22.5 pilot affect my midrange and topend? I live at 200', but will be riding alot at 2,000 to 4,000' this fall. Thanks, Mike
  10. mystar

    Thinking About a 1990 DR 350

    I've had 3 DR's. The 1990 and 1991 DR's were very hard starters. In 1992, Suzuki improved this with ignition and kickstart gearing changes. Suzuki offered e-start on the 1993-on DR250S and 1994-on DR350S. I would look for a post-1992 DR350S if I was you - not much difference in prices until you get to the late 90's. For bang-for-the-buck (with e-start) go for a '94 or '95 - especially if you prefer blue and white over purple and yellow ('96 to '98). The 1999 is the most desirable year because they improved the suspension, but, you can usually buy a DRZ for what folks are asking for a good '99. Mike
  11. If I go with the 4.2 IMS or 4.25 Acerbis tank, do I really need radiator guards? Seems the tank would then protect the radiators from bending?? Thanks, Mike
  12. mystar

    Octane Ratings and the DRZ

    Eddie, Will your 140 main, 25 pilot, DJ needle and spring and 3x3 jetting work OK on 87 and 93 octane? Better on one or the other?? I'm at 200 - 1000 ft and usually 70 - 100 degrees. Thanks
  13. mystar

    Trak Master II Rocks!

    How does the MT16 work on the street? Is it the best DOT front in the dirt??
  14. I just bought an '01 S model and the exhaust has rust and missing paint. Will someone please sell me their clean (no rust, dents or missing paint) stock system for $30 - I'll pay shipping cost up to $15. Thanks, Mike