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  1. jzyz

    Cement Mountain Trail South TH

    This^^^ Part of my "commute" to work in the summer....
  2. jzyz

    Pitken Area

    Rode whole cement mtn trail including roaring judy rd, good shape. "They" built a foot bridge over cement creek at the bottom of deadman's switch-backs. Please respect the downhill only for moto on this section. jz
  3. I just got some sg10's to replace my aged tech 8's for $312. Check out "Cli-MAX Riding Gear & Motorcycle Accessories" (weird name huh?) I got them in 3 days with free shipping. Normally I shop at rockymountainatv&mc but these guys had them beat by $78. jz
  4. Where do you shop to get those prices, might I ask?
  5. jzyz

    EC 300 from FE 550

    Actually, I pulled the trigger on the 2011 ec 300. The electric start option will help get my wife to ride it too. She won't touch my berg, as it is a big beast. After her ACL reconstruction, kick starting her honda xr(blah) bothers her knee. I hope the GG lights a fire for dirtbiking in her again. Not to mention I will like riding it:lol:.............alot
  6. jzyz

    EC 300 from FE 550

    I am considering the purchase of a new leftover 2010 G.G. EC 300. I've only owned four stroke bikes, the last two being Husabergs, a 450 and now 550. I love the 550, mad torque and good handling:worthy:. I just want to try a two stroke and something a little lighter/smaller(?) for really tight gnarly trails. Does this sound like it will fit the bill? Are there any pitfalls I should be aware of? I can get it for $5700US plus tax, is that a good price? Thanks in advance. jz
  7. jzyz

    Stupid mechanics...

    As a professional technician, I have seen a lot of do-it-your-selfer inflicted damage. Most will not tell you the full story, that whole pride thing getting in the way. Still no excuse for parts swapping instead of diagnostics. Carbs are easy to disassemble, clean and inspect for damage and wear. Ignition systems are easy to diag, especially with dealer level information systems(i.e. schematics). Parts swapping takes more time than troubleshooting. Since we are bagging on "mekanicks" lets branch out to lawyers, doctors, bankers and teachers. The scum of the earth I tell ya!
  8. jzyz

    BLM Ranger on a rampage or unruly family???.

    "Legitmate" news source? Puuuleeeaase, did they(CORPORATE media) not blindly take hook, line and sinker the Bush administartion's WMD and national security b.s. for invading Iraq? LEO's have the "right" to lie to the citizen's to extract information. As a citizen, you lie to a government agency, you go to jail. All hail our government overlords!!! not
  9. Lynch these self-serving government shit-bags and elitist enviro turds... I mean thanks for your hard work, hopefully a balanced solution can be attained after bringing to light their duplicity.
  10. They were not "too busy" to take your money were they?
  11. jzyz

    2008 yz250f

    I have an '03 with a 290 kit. I am 200lbs and only trail ride. It is a great bike, but gearing is an issue along with lighting. My current primary steed is a 550 berg. At altitude you will be wanting more. Like I said, great bike, bullet proof, light weight, tons of aftermarket, fun to ride etc.. If you are experienced and ride at high altitude you might want more.... jz
  12. jzyz

    UT + CO: What do you do for a living?

    Fleet manager for a public transportation company. AKA bus mechanic. I get to work on machines from my toys to $500k dollar motorcoaches. Not glamorous but good times.... jz
  13. jzyz

    magnum or athena 290 kit

    I run an athena kit and gasket. Copper coat it and torque properly, zero problems. good kit. jz
  14. jzyz

    Corrosive Chemicals on Taylor Park Road?

    Funny how the tree huggers don't stop the use of it. A little research of Gunnison county politics would illuminate their glaring hypocrysy.