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  1. andyb74

    Any1 live in England on here?

    hey guys im not the only 1 then. lifes gr8 up ere insunny manchester but bit shite for riding keep getting thrown off everywere.
  2. does any1 who visits/posts on this site live in the uk. i am after info on places 2 ride especially up north. cheers guys and gals andy
  3. andyb74

    YAMAHAS ???????? Who has?

    uk good old england no probs ere.
  4. andyb74

    450 longevity

    i pick my 04 wr450 up on saturday av the socalled starting probs been sorted on this model or ????????????? thanks in advance andy
  5. andyb74

    Shifting with MX Boots on

    i noticedthat when i got new booties that the gear (sorry shift 4 most of u guys)lever came loose so check regulary or its game over splines. andy wr450