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  1. cor3720

    05 YZ250 cutting out

    He has it in cleaning solvent right now. A friend of ours has the same bike. I'll let you know. Thanks alot and if you think of anything else just let me know. Doug
  2. cor3720

    05 YZ250 cutting out

    We have cleaned the carb, we tried a 180 main. Fresh gas. running out of options
  3. I recently put a new top end on my 05' YZ 250. The bike sat for a year before the top end job. Now, when the bike is under load and wide open it cuts out terribly. If you are under lite accerelation it is okay. As soon as there is a load put on the engine, or it is held wide open, it cuts out and a acts like it is missing badly. Thus far we have tried: new plugs, new cdi, new coil,checked reeds, repacked silencer, checked flywheel, fuel from gas tank to carb, checked and cleaned exhaust valves, cleaned carb, checked jetting which is stock, tried a different main jet. After all of this it is still doing it. Live in Apple Valley, Ca. Please help if you can. Bike: 05 YZ 250 Main Jet: #178 Pilot Jet# #50 Jet needle: N3EJ Power Jet# #50 Thanks, Doug
  4. cor3720

    fork seals

    I have an 05 yz250 as well as an 06 yz450f. When the fork seals began to leak I took a tear off, carb cleaner, and a clean rag. I sprayed the carb cleaner on the tear off, then wiped it clean. I used the rag to wipe the fork clean. I then slid the tear off up the fork into the seal area. Make sure you slide the tear off all of the way around the fork. This has worked 4-5 times. What often happens is small particles,( dirt, small rocks ) get lodged into the seal and causes the leak. On my 05 it was leaking oil after the first ride. I was pissed. I tried this and it didn't do it again. Hope this helps.