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  1. I'm trying to plan a dune trip for this year and was wondering if there's anyone that could offer me advice of whether to go to the Dunes in St. Anthony, or the Dunes in Oregon ?? I've been to the St. Anthony dunes a few times and am concerned that the Oregon dunes might be a dissappointment in comparison.. Appreciate any info !!
  2. Thanks Lake !! Appreciate the tip. I ride the bike out in the bush as well... so I was hoping to make the changes via some tuning rather than revalving so that I can simply adjust for my terrain... I don't suppose you're in the Calgary area ? If so, can I pester as to where you got the revalve done and what it cost ??? Thx
  3. I have an 07 YZ450 with a stock suspension. When riding at the track I find that the bike seems to be absorbing the jumps rather than sending me flying !! I'm hitting the jumps at the same speed other riders are, but I'm only going half the distance before landing. I'm 200lbs. I've checked the sag and the stock setting is w/i spec. I'm thinking I should stiffen the suspension. Any suggestions other than watching my diet.. maybe losing a few pounds ?? Appreciate the help.