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  1. Blue is the way to go my friend!
  2. got one pretty much stock and its not bad. i like it. might change my sprockets here soon and see where i find myself. like the abe post, i might do 14/47. we'll see. but 4 gears not a problem tho.
  3. dude thats tight. deff wanna see dyno results. also wonder how fun it will be to hold on that thing. awesome idea tho.
  4. man that's what fixed it. I rode it this past weeknd for about 4 hours and not one drop. Well except when my dumb a$z fell riding but that's normal. So yes people, try bending the tab. It worked for me. But make sure your needle is not worn out or anything and that the seat is pretty clean.
  5. lol thats funny. in alot of ways
  6. at first when I started wearing mx boots (size12) it too felt chunky and heavy. They'll break in and be confotable. Wear them around the yard outside when your doing whatever. Helps them break in faster. And amen to you getting a db and not having a quad. One less rider to rut out our trails. Amen. Welcome to the 2 wheel world!!
  7. specially when u get a nice o set of whoops in fornt of you qhich could be slipperry and/or sandy:thumbsup: . best way to go down. gotta love it.
  8. i hate those. specially when u find one that is sharp at the tip. yup. gotta love them:bonk:
  9. make sure to put up a pic of the bike assembled!! i wanna see it.
  10. i got a 04 450 with the steel frame and i can maneuver thru the woods fine, gots plenty of power and i bet yours will be much easier to handle cuz it weighs way less weight. go big or go home!!! yz450f.
  11. so i eye-balled it and looks like i have it at just a lil over a quarter of an inch. i got a petcock on the way and soon as its here ill asseble everything and see what happens. hopefully no more leaks
  12. i just got my carb out of the bike and ill measure in a lil bit. i just barely got to squeeze a flat head in there. like a very thin one. maybe one or two millameters. but ill check.
  13. did you have any more problems with it?? and mine did kinda look like it was a lil bit bent down. but even after you rode it still didnt leak?? cuz i fixed my yesterday before i rode, then when i was done it was spilling out gas like crazy.
  14. i pulled my bike in my garage today and started to take the carb out. i saw in another post her eon tt that to connect fuel line to carb, then run the gas and slowly mess with the float and see if it stops or not. i did first time right when i pulled it off and it leaked, so i went to show it to my friend and i came back put it back and when i pushed up on the float it stopped. and he said my needle valve dont look worn out and it doesnt really look like it either, so what im doing tonight is taking my carb to my buddies house and doing a theral (or how ever you spell it) cleaning, like spray air in the jets and stuff, and hopefully i'll find my troubles. i'll let you know tonight the outcome of that.
  15. what have you tried so far to try and fix it if any?