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  1. dpodom

    Alternative to case guards?

    I had the TT covers on my son's bike. The first time out, a 3 inch tall tree stump went through the TT cover and the magnesium clutch cover and broke two of the studs on the clutch basket. I found a Factory Pro billet clutch cover on Ebay and am very happy with it. The thing looks like it would stop a bullet. I wish they would make the other covers also. David
  2. Stator coil resistance is correct. Generator no-load ac voltage correct. When the generator is connected to the rectifier/regulator, ac voltage drops to 0 and there is no dc voltage output. It is a new factory rectifier from ron ayers and it worked fine for about 30 miles. I sure could use some help. David
  3. dpodom

    Need wheels for DRZ

    Where did you order the wheels from? $209 isn't bad. I've had plenty of experience lacing bicycle wheels. Motorcycle wheels shouldn't be much different.
  4. dpodom

    Need wheels for DRZ

    I would like to buy either rims or complete wheels for my DRZ. Someone out there has got to have a set they need to get rid of. David '00 DRZ400E