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  1. CopperTop

    How loud is the 2007 450 EXC?

    I've heard comments like "mid eighties", but does that mean 85db or 87db?
  2. One of our local politicians has introduced a bill limiting bikes to 85db. So I'm trying to find out how many db the new 450 EXC would be rated at? Presently I'm on a stock DRZ400E, so I'm at 92db. Will the EXC help me?
  3. CopperTop

    wanting to getting a trials bike

    2Ply, I have to agree that there isn't a lot of difference between models and sizes. That said even the 10% change a slow throttle provides gets decided reactions like that of Fiep's, and the difference between displacements is even greater. No they are not dissimilar, but the differences can feel huge to beginners who have neither the skill nor conditioning to remain smooth on the bike. As a result every little mistake gets amplified by the bigger bikes, which can shake the rider, which can cause another mistake, etc.... In the end you have someone whose riding is a lot more jerky than it could be, and a lot more tiring (not that trials isn't already). Is this true of all beginners? Obviously not as clearly Fiep doesn't fit it, nor my "beginner" friend on his 321. I don't think they are the rule however. Considering the europeans respect for, and reliance on starting out with smaller bikes, is it coincidance they are such better riders on average? Fiep, You ask why I stick with the monster?- It was cheap and there are many things I can do to temper it. Why not get the sweet 200?- I live in North America where small is scarce. Yes, any displacement handled wrong can get you into trouble. No, one finger on the clutch does not determine how much power reaches the rear end. Clutch and throttle control does, and if I had it I probably wouldn't be a beginner. Oh, and before you ask.....I got the 300 because I couldn't find a good 200, and I believed the comments about the 300s being smooth & easy. What I should have heeded were the "just don't let them breathe!" comments.
  4. CopperTop

    wanting to getting a trials bike

    Fiep, I'm curious what your Power Control Device is (apart from your wrist). I've ridden a TXT200, TXT250, TXT300 and a JTX321, and other than the "Slow" throttle that I put on my 300, I've not seen a PCD. As for your raised eyebrows, having ridden what I have, the TXT300 bites a lot harder & faster than any of the others I've been on. Am I skilled? No, but that is the point. While the 200 is in some ways more difficult because the rider has to learn to rev it and work the clutch, that's what they're supposed to be doing. Learning to lug is not, nor learning to be scared to rev it. As for your 2.9, from what I've heard, comparing it to a TXT300 is like apples to oranges. Yes my 300 is a great bike. And yes it is fun to lug along. And yes I'll get the hang of it after some adjustments to myself, my riding and my bike. But no it's not what I should be learning on. I should be on a 200.
  5. CopperTop

    Dualsporting Husabergs

    Just wondering whether there are factory DS kits available like KTM does for their bikes? Sure makes it easy, and keeps the look.
  6. CopperTop

    wanting to getting a trials bike

    Coppertop's husband here, I ride a DRZ400E and decided I'd try Trials so I bought a used GasGas 300 Pro, and boy is that thing kicking my A**. It is way too much for me as trouble comes fast and furious. For myself, I'm going to go try a 200 & a 250 today. Do yourself a favor, and don't buy more than a 250. There is just too much technique in getting a 300 to hook up on the slick stuff. And when it goes bad....ouch!
  7. CopperTop

    New GasGas FSR doesn't sound like a GasGas

    Well I sure hope you're all right, cause it would be a shame otherwise. A one degree loss of head tube angle sure sounds like a lot to recover from though.
  8. Just curious what the Gasser riders thought about MotocrossDigital's review of the FSR? Personally I was blown away when they wrote about the geometry as "not the best for throwing the bike into tight corners" and "developed for stability". It appears the bike was made for riders that "frequent high speed whooped out trails" but who should know that "in the tight stuff they will have to work a bit harder to throw the bike around". Is it just me, or is GasGas trying to go mainstream? I was anxiously awaiting the FSR, now I'm considering a Husky! Anyone (apart from MotocrossDigital) ridden the new FSR? I'm basically hoping to hear that the company has not turned it's back on it's roots.
  9. CopperTop

    Online resources for GasGas parts?

    Have you checked in at www.gasgasrider.org and their forum?
  10. CopperTop

    Why is GasGas like Rodney Dangerfield?

    Brett, I've been following things on the "GasGas Riders Club", and I must say that I'm very pleased to hear you've taken the line on. Being as I'm in Canada, hopefully your good work spills over the border. Although you've already heard it, may I reiterate "Street Legal", "Warranty", "Parts Availability" & "Dealer Base" Good Luck & Thanks As for the review in DirtRider, Anyone have a copy? Considering all the good I've heard, I'm dying to hear what's wrong with it.
  11. With all the good things I keep hearing (except from early fuel injected bike owners) about GasGas, why do they get so little recognition? With KTM showing up in the mags about once a month, GasGas gets written up once every 2 years?! The KTM 300 is again in DirtBike, but GasGas's 300 which seems to be more useable, reliable, adjustable and better handling goes unmentioned?! I realize that a bike that just does what you ask it to is very "Vanilla", but why is having a linkless suspension that doesn't work well or tune well "Sexy". Hopefully I'll be able to get and enjoy my FSE (which "Get's no respect"), before they realize they have to screw it up to be sexy.
  12. CopperTop

    trying to register gasgas B.C. canada

    I'm told the Western Canadian distributor has also been trying to register his FSE450, perhaps you should contact them (GasGas Pacific). From what I hear, it has to do with the fact that Gas Gas doesn't appear on Transport Canada's radar, as they don't have any street legal vehicles. Supposedly, Gas Gas owners can only register their bikes as "U-builds" as a result (which is a whole other kettle of fish). Good Luck
  13. CopperTop

    Newb needs help

    Carajean, I started riding on a TTR125 this spring. I never found a site that really took me through the steps, but having a skilled rider on hand to coach me made a world of difference. I spent about 15 minutes just sitting on the bike, getting a feel of the weight, control location and imprinting in my brain which hand does what. Having driven manual transmission cars, the balance of clutch and throttle wasn't too hard to master. I found it took a 1/2 hour or so of starting and stopping over and over to get it smooth. I would recommend wearing your gear - while I did not get going very fast that first day - I think it helped me psychologically knowing I was protected from seriously hurting myself. Have fun - once you start, you'll be hooked
  14. CopperTop

    Pants & boots for a big girl

    Hey, not sure how you are making out, but after a lot of shopping around, I found a great boot to fit my calves - Fox (Forma Pro). Luckily, they were on sale, cause the reg. $ was pretty steep. Having had a heck of a time with any other boot - these are really comfortable. I also scored with my pant - MSR Gelanots. They are a mens over-the-boot pant, but fit where it counts. They are high enough in the waist - so I don't feel like I am mooning whoever is riding behind me! It has been said earlier in this thread - but find a good store where you can try everything on. Let me know if you find a good coverage chest protector. All the mens are huge in the shoulder, but hardly cover my chest.
  15. CopperTop

    Wounded Shoulder or wounded pride!

    Hey lilgirl, what part of the island you from? My hubby and I grew up in the West Island (Pointe Claire & Beaconsfield). He graduated BHS in 84, I in 87. You? No track records for either of us though.