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  1. Mostly they are stock. The original owner removed 7 of the 32's
  2. No issues if he uses the twin chamber's
  3. If you run into any snags all the info you could ever need on doing a swap is right here http://kdxrider.net/forums/viewforum.php?f=104 I'm currently running '07 KX450 forks on my KDX I had a custom axle made and was able to reuse the KDX wheel and keep the odometer
  4. if you are also replacing the bronze bushing in the seal head, I found a craftsman 3/8 drive 9mm deep socket was the perfect size to drive it out (on 07 KX450 forks) and reversed it drove the new bushing in I ordered all the parts from www.suspensiondirect.com
  5. I used aluminum soft jaws on my vice, they use to have rubber on them but it kept falling off just was careful how much pressure I put on it and I imagine I hit it with the mapp gas torch some too
  6. I thought he was trying to get the seal head apart?
  7. I used aluminum soft jaws on my vice
  8. I think the "E" has a 3.4 gallon tank I figured out the other day running mostly tight Southern Oregon single track, I'm getting around 18 mpg I'm probably close to 320 - 330lbs in gear
  9. reposted from here: http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?p=16254622#post16254622 Stolen: 1983 Honda XL600R with XR600 suspension upgrades. Taken between 1pm and 7pm, Saturday, June 25th, 2011 in broad daylight at The Watershed Industrial Arts Center, 5040 SE Milwaukie Ave, Portland, OR, 97266. Parked at a new telephone pole located north of the bridge over Mc Loughlin Blvd. Telephone Camera pointed parallel to the building, but away from the site of theft, we are waiting. PPD Case #1153115 Washington plate: 3A184 VIN:JH2PD0300DM001380 <THEY are="" p zeros)<> ENGINE VIN: This bike has a 1998 xr600 engine with a kickstart side cover, 1985 cylinder, 1983 head. Very distinctive combination! It is leaking oil from the head bolts which I had modified in a last-ditch effort to use the only head bolts I had at the time. (WASINGTON STATE RECORDED THIS INFO AT TIME OF TITLING, WORKING ON RETRIEVEING THIS) Distinctive features: -XR/ XR650L suspension from a 1989 (correct) XR600, front and rear. Swingarm has AFAM, Bel-Ray, RK Racing Chain, and other MX brand name stickers. -Marlboro-esque V pattern flat-black painted on tip of front fender with bright red number '5' in the middle. -custom-made steel rack on the back, red and exposed steel from somewhat recent modifications. Rack rides high and level with seat, with crossbar. I made it. FMF Megamax exhaust pipe and header, aluminum on silencer is cross-hatch hand-polished and lacking the badge. More distinctive information on this pipe available upon request, should a badgeless FMF turn up. The profile on the can is a true oval with a custom shield of steel. -Engine is a mix of various years, at it's core it is a 1998 XR600 engine, evident by the stator cover being silver the cylinder is 1985 with gray primer overspray and oil weeping from bolt holes near bottom fins. Head is 1983. $100 reward PLUS $250 custom work in my shop, for any information leading to the return of this trans-american vehicle. Some of my goods and services are for sale on www.a-go-go-designs.com and www.agogodesigns.etsy.com or PM, E-mail, or cOME TO the Watershed and knock on the window with the flyer for the stolen bike, along the path on the North side of the building. I just want the bike returned. But if you see it anywhere, please dial 911. Kinda like that old sticker, "if you see my bike on a trailer, dial 911." Best regards to all.
  10. They always run really good until they blow up Done a plug chop yet?
  11. Been using bleeders for years On a long ride when the front end starts feeling harsh, reach down and push each bleeder and all of a sudden it's like riding a different bike I also bleed off the pressure when my bike is cinched down in the back of the truck
  12. http://www.suspensiondirect.com/
  13. Or if you are a cheap unemployed bastard you can modify the stockers
  14. Been very happy with my Rox Risers They raise the bars 2" and you can rotate them forward or back
  15. what ever floats your boat