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  1. I still ride mine. Not to much single track but lots of gravel, fire roads and quad trails. Awesome machine.
  2. I’ve had a RadiusX in my 18 390 rrs since the first day I had it. I had the clutch a week before I got the bike in November. I never rode it with the original clutch because I always use Rekluse. The RadiusX is the best Rekluse product I’ve used and I have had them all. It works great in the 390.
  3. I got the one for my 08 450rr here.
  4. My 2018 390rrs required nothing. I rode it home and went straight to our single track trail. Never stopped at the house or our shop. I’m used to Dunlop tires so the Michelin’s were a little different but not enough to change them yet. I was immediately impressed and have no complaints so far. I haven’t ridden it much since it has gotten cold and wet but we did have a New Year’s Day ride and it didn’t get over 10 deg F. It ran great even in that low temperature.
  5. Exactly. I just sold a really good xr400. It’s a great bike but comparing it to one of the newer 4stroke Betas is like comparing a mid original 70s 4x4 Truck to a new F150 Raptor for desert racing. Both will do the job but one will be much better at it. Like this quote says. These are high performing machines. They require more maintenance than a XR of any year or cc. I if you keep with it though these Betas can be extremely reliable. I have a 2015 500rs with 275 hrs and 7800 miles. It runs great. Im going to check the compression at 10000 miles and decide if I want to tear it apart.
  6. Thanks, I know its a big decision. I just sold two really good bikes to get the $$ to pay for this 390 so I was taking a risk too. But, I also knew that it would be a really good bike and a bike that I would want to ride. The 390 will be my primary dirt bike now. I have still only really ridden this 390 1 time. The power of the 390: It has more torque than my 2015 350. It is extremely smooth even in the dry mode (I haven't ridden it in the wet mode yet). I was riding our entire trail in 3rd gear. Yes I can also do this on my 350 but the 390 does it with much less effort from the engine. The 350 in 3rd gear under a load you can twist the throttle and it will build revs slower than if you did this with the 390. The 390 will pick up almost instantly and go. My 2015 (carbureted) 500 has a more torque and more power than the 390, it is also very smooth. And yes like you said it can be a handful for me too after trail riding for a while. I don't trail ride the 500 much. It is my main dual sport / light adventure bike. If I had to pick between the 350 and 390 right now.... I would choose the 390. From just 1 ride this bike felt like it was built for me. The power, the handling, the whole package.
  7. Well. I cannot say. I don’t ride 2 strokes. I’ve been on a 4stroke of some kind since 1996. I think firffighters comment sums it up[emoji1303]
  8. They are up. I love it!! I have a helmet cam but I don't have time to do that this weekend. Taking the 500 on a 2 day dualsport ride Sat/Sun.
  9. The 390 in its natural habitat [emoji16]
  10. No adapting. Rekluse had a RadiusX to me for the 18 early last week [emoji1303]
  11. Picked my 18 390rrs up Tuesday evening. I put my handlebars/mounts/hand guards and seat on. Thursday evening I installed a Rekluse RadiusX and was now ready to ride today. I also have a 2015 350rr and a 2015 500rs so I will be making comparisons to these two bikes. First off. This bike is beautiful. I really like the white plastic with the red frame and black wheels. Perfect weather today in the mid 70s. Perfect dirt on our single track trail. After a couple of heat cycles and the Rekluse break in procedure complete I was off on the trail. After riding today it now has 14 miles on it. The Engine: The first thing I noticed is that the engine does have more torque right off the bottom. This is exactly what I was expecting and hoping for. I'm not one to rev out an engine so this is really good for me. The torque of this 390 engine reminds me of my 500 but it revs quicker like my 350. I cant say if it revs as quick as the 350 because the 390 isn't broke in yet but like I said I'm not one to rev it out anyway. The added torque was most noticeable to me because it carried me out of a corner easier and I am able to loft the front end over logs easier. This is exactly what I was hoping for with the engine power characteristics. I was definitely carrying more speed in certain sections because I was having to get on the brakes more than I usually do. This tells me that this engine is deceivingly fast. It gets traction and I am going faster with less effort from the engine already. I sent this text to my brother after this ride "This engine is like Jesus and David Coperfield had a baby and it came out as a Holy, Magic engine" Yes. I like it. The Chassis: Beta sure has done there homework in 3 years. I didn't really have any expectations on the handling. I knew it would be good because I really like the 350 and 500. But this 18 is different. It feels lighter than my 350. And yes I know the forks/shock are not broken in yet but this bike holds a rut in a corner better than any bike I've had before. I have ridden this trail hundreds of times, it is literally right out of our shop door so I know it well and where all the places I sometimes struggle with. Maybe I was just having a really good day but I think it was this bike. Every turn rut I hit was right on and tracked right through it without wanting to push or climb out throwing off my balance as I do sometimes on my 350. It tracks extremely well on the flat not rutted corners and powers out with very little spinning. The small jumps with flat landings were soaked up and I had no wollowy feeling like the 15s shocks I have experienced. This wollowy feeling is something I experienced after flat landing jumps and exeting corners. The initial ride was a little harsh on the very first part of the forks but I expect this will go away after they are broken in. When they are I might soften up the compression a little but for now I'm not touching anything. To say I'm happy with the handling of this bike is an understatement. This 2018 Beta 390 has exceeded my expectations. It feels as light as the my 350 and has the torque similar to my 500 and handles better than any bike I have ever owned. I am very happy with it. Well done Beta.
  12. I finished prepping my bike tonight. I'm planning on putting some trail miles on it tomorrow.
  13. I just picked up my 390 Tuesday evening. I’m hoping I can get some time on it tomorrow.
  14. When they release info for the Race Editions tomorrow it will be interesting. I think I remember cculluns saying a while back that they should have the dual injectors.