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  1. The salesman told me this evening that it will be here middle of October.
  2. I'm sure she would but I get the new bike.
  3. The bike that this one will be replacing is my 15 350rr. It is plated but I just use it for trail riding mostly. I'm keeping the 350rr and lowering it so my wife can ride it. She has a dr200 and I think she will really like the 350 as her dual sport bike. 2" Beta suspention lowering kit and a Seat Concepts low seat will put it at the same seat height as her dr200. This 390 will be my dirtbike. I'm sure I will do some dual sport riding on the 390 too.
  4. I called my dealer this morning and told him to order me a 2018 390rr-s when they were able to. Not sure if the 18's are even in the US yet but I'm now on the list.
  5. I think on my bike if I had the 41 I would've ended up with the same jets. It seems like some bikes are different even with practicly the same setup, your bike might be diferent than mine, thats why I put in the post exacly what I have done to my bike, elevation etc. The NCVT needle I used is a Yamaha part. not sure of the part # I already had the jets so I'm not sure where the best place to get them would be. A good bike shop that has a decent mechanic should have a selection of Keihen jets on hand. Otherwise the internet.
  6. I wrote this last week on XR650R riders group on Facebook. This post is about me installing a FCR Mx 39 carb on my 650R. A couple nights ago I decided to commit and do the install of a Keihin FCR Mx 39 from a 2008 KTM 450xc-w on my 650R. I already had the carb so I set it up like I have several FCRs in the past on other bikes. I have a FCR on my 650L with Dotcom from ThumperTalks jetting. It runs awesome. I used the NCVT needle he recommends for the 650L in this carb I put on my 650R. I did a lot of research on FCR jetting on the 650R. What I found was a bunch of incomplete forum threads. Not to many people replied to someone else's jetting suggestions to let them know if it worked or not. The best info I got was from on here so I am posting what I did and my end results. The first thing I did was disassemble it and clean it. Then I got a Noss adapter. I let it set for a few days after I siliconed it to the carb body. Make sure the air holes are clear if you use silicone to attach it. I always put a R&D Power bowel with the adjustable leak jet on my FCRs It's expensive but I know it works. I use the R&D remote pilot adjuster also. I Put in a 48 pilot jet, a 175 main jet, the NCVT needle in the 3rd clip from the top to start with. I clamped it in my vise and made sure the accelerator squirt was good. It missed the slide and I adjusted the leak jet to a squirt of about 1/2 second. I already knew I would have to heat up my IMS 4.6 to make room but before I did that I fit the carb to see where I was. I took an air hammer and put a dent in the header where the ac pump was hitting and ground about 1/2 of the 8mm cam chain adjuster bolt off to let it come as far forward as I could. This was as close as I was going to get it to level. It was now time to start fitting the tank. I'm just going to tell you this is not fun. I probably had the tank on and off 6 times but I got it. It has clearance and I am using both pull and push cables. The KTM cables are perfect length for my ProTaper woods high and 2" risers. One thing I did that I have not read anywhere else was to trim the 2 thick rubbers on the left side of the rubber tank support and move them to the right super gluing them in place. This moves the tank over almost another 1/4". I also rerouted my wires to the right side so the tank would move over more. I am very happy with the way I was able to fit this carb. I know it's a pain in the arse but I really like these carburetors. For me it was worth it. Now for the fun. After getting off work this evening I was able to ride it. It took a few kicks to fire it up and I had the idle adjustment to low but I got it warmed up and set the pilot. It ended up at 2 turns out. I'm good with that. I readjusted my idle and took off. Putting this FCR on completely eliminated the hesitation or dead spot from idle I had before. It pulled better and It has a little better top end and is a smoother transition to that arm jerking torque we all love from these bikes. I love it. I just made a really fun bike super fun. I messed with the pilot adjustment some more and settled on 2 turns out. After a 40 mile ride with a few stops just to see if it liked to start with this new setup and it did. Key off, Kick through 3 times, Key on, Get to TDC, Kick like you mean it and it starts 1st or 2nd kick. I did the same procedure dead cold with no choke with the same result. I checked the plug color when it cooled off and it looked great. I am staying with what I have in it and will ride the crap out of it. This is what I have. Sea level -700ft today it was 75deg, 93 octane pump gas. Stock engine completely uncorked, Stock head pipe, Pro Circuit T4 with spark arrestor, bat wing in air box, TwinAir filter with OE back fire screen, XRs only air box cover mod. 175 main jet 48 pilot jet. Pilot screw 2 turns out NCVT needle 3rd clip from the top Leak jet adjusted to 1.5 turns out
  7. Thanks for the info. Dave at Get Dirty sold me an OEM one that is in way better condition than what I had.
  8. I've been searching for a while now but I have not found a reolacemend muffler for a 2008 450rr. I have the original Beta one that the tire has rubbed a lot from a bent subframe from previouse owner. It isn't through yet but I would like to replace it before it does on a long ride.
  9. I've had my 500rs since Nov 2015. I've had the Giant Loop Mojave on it since day 1. It has over 6000 miles on it now. Absolutely no problems at all. I also have them on a 650L for almost 3 years. Same deal. No problems. Zippers are great. No rips or tears. I would buy another in a heartbeat.
  10. It has taken me longer than I wanted to put it on but I did today and we went for a ride. The first thing I noticed was that the bike stands up more vertical with this kick stand than the stock one. This is good and not so good sometimes. Just depends on where you park. The quality is top notch. Installation was easy and it works great. I have the Beta passenger foot peg kit installed and Giant Loop Mojave bags and it clears everything great. It tucks away very nicely. The footprint is way better than the original Beta kick stand. I parked in sand, dirt, grass, hot pavement and mud with no issues. I like it[emoji106] FYI. My stock kickstand bolt was loose when i went to install this one. So even if you don't do yourself a favor and buy this one be sure and check that bolt.
  11. Received my kick stand today. I'll put up pictures and tell you what I think when I get it put on.
  12. Ordered one today[emoji106]
  14. Ill be the Guinea pig. I ordered one.