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  1. I have always riden Waterfall trail from the bottom - up. From that southern point the first 5 or so miles is wash riding. The top is fantastic. My favorite colored trail loop is to start at Red, turn right at Blue, follow to Green, then Orange and out around Temple Mtn. to main road that takes you to Waterfall trail. But one year my buddies GF was with us so we rode Green, a bit of Orange, then the Blue trail. She rode the road back to camp, and we went up to Lone Man parking lot and rode Red, Orange, then over to Waterfall. This worked well because Green and Blue are good warm-up runs to Orange and Red. It also gives everyone an idea of how they are feeling about their riding. Have Fun.
  2. helifixer

    Moab lodging...

    +2. Just registered my once UT street legal Honda XR4 as a dirt bike. I've decided not to install a light kit with the tree branch grabbing turn signals. Absolutely agree. The money collected from the permits can't even come close the amount of money neighboring state residents would spend on their Moab trips. I certainly can't blame anyone for not heading to Moab. http://stateparks.utah.gov/stateparks/ohv/reciprocity.html PS. I like camping at Big Mesa or along the Colorado NE of town.
  3. helifixer

    Best 30 Second Sign Girl

    Two Words : Factory Air:moon:
  4. helifixer

    10 Mile Wash, The Tubes directions please!!!!!!

    You said, tit !
  5. helifixer

    Dewey Bridge Burns...

    Thats what happens when ya shut off the xbox/PS3 and try to get the kids outside.
  6. Hot, or he forgot a zero.
  7. helifixer

    steering head bolt torque

    Replace the bearings. Any Honda Service Center (shop) should have the socket/spanner wrench/or whatever for that nut. Hopefully a tech can just come out and break the torque and maybe even retorque the nut once its all back together. If your local shop can't or won't do that take your business elsewhere.
  8. helifixer

    Stuck in the Utah Wasatch range!

    Glad you all made it out OK. All of my riding buddies would punch me in the mouth if I EVER handed them a beer from Wasatch!
  9. helifixer

    XR400R - fuel filter?

    This is the set up I've used. The hose was installed on the tank petcock and the carb inlet without any retaining clips, so far so good. The hose changes color over time but thats the only problem I have seen. http://www.rockymountainatv.com/productDetail.do?navType=type&webTypeId=60&navTitle=ATV+Accessories&webCatId=24&prodFamilyId=3037 http://www.rockymountainatv.com/productDetail.do?navType=type&webTypeId=61&navTitle=Motorcycle+Accessories&webCatId=24&prodFamilyId=9132
  10. helifixer

    Name that tune

    This is a great video many have probably seen. My question is who is the artist and the song from this video? Thanks in advance. http://www.beerbellyracing.com/national1.html
  11. helifixer

    Carb Baffle?

    What is the purpose of the pinkish plastic baffle in the Keihin carbs? If the baffle isn't installed or if it slides out of position are there any problems? Thanks for the help!
  12. helifixer

    Anyone racing Monticello USRA this weekend?

    Can't make it, let us know how it it was! http://www.raceusra.com/ http://www.raceusra.com/desert/bullhollowJune16th.htm
  13. helifixer

    Richardson Flats (Park City, UT)

    No idea. That area has been monitored more closely since the Park Record article last year (2yrs.?) and after they built those parking lots. This time of year there are a million other better places to ride.
  14. helifixer

    -98 XR400 jetting for 5000 foot elevation

    The bike had 142/55 from Fort Collins, CO. I agree with you on setting the jets for 6500 feet AFTER the mods have been done. Thanks for the help. BTW, my intentions were not to piggyback on to this thread.