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  1. I am planning to do cut a 3x3 hole in the top of the airbox, install a K&N filter, dyno jet kit, adjustable fuel/air mixture screw, drill the slide, and eventually a full exhaust. I will be riding in the range of 5,000 to 10,000 feet. Could you make recommendations for the needle clip setting, pilot, main, float height, and fuel/air mixture screw. I have performed this mod on my DRZ400 with your recommendations and it runs great. Does the 3x3 mod work as well on the DR600?
  2. I have a 06 KLX250 S, K & N Filter, Full Muzzy exhaust, open air box, dynojet needle with the carb settings listed below. The bike runs good at 5000 ft does not run very well when I ride in Colorado as high as 12000. I have not had to opportunity to check my current settings yet but I will in two weeks. My question is if the bike still runs rich with my current settings would a hotter plug help for low speed climbing in the mountains? Is there a risk of damaging the bike? *DJ Needle 6th groove from top. As far as it will go rich. *Main 115 *Pilot 35 *Fuel/Air 2 turns *Float Height - Stock *Clipped 1 inch off spring
  3. gszfoster

    XR650L online parts fiche?

    Ron Ayers has the fiche online for your bike. http://fiche.ronayers.com/Index.cfm/Module/Main/TypeID/26/Type/Motorcycle/MakeID/1/Make/Honda/YearID/41/Year/2000/ModelID/6629/Model/XR650L
  4. Does anyone have jetting info for the XR650L. Is this forum limited to DRZ's only?
  5. gszfoster

    Need some advice

    I live in Albuquerque and ride around the Silverton, Ouray, Rico, Telluride area in the summer. Don't make it that far north....
  6. gszfoster

    Need some advice

    Thanks for all the info, I weigh 200 lbs, I had read in some other posts that the suspension was more than adequate for my weight. Seems like the same drill I went through with the DRZ... New exhaust, open the air box, K and N filter, rejet, ect...
  7. gszfoster

    Need some advice

    I currently have an 06 DRZ 400S with fully muzzy exhaust, and the carb mods but would like to move up to a larger bike. I love the DRZ but need a little more power and some more speed on the highway. I have my eye on a new 08 XR650L with the larger tank and a nice set of saddle bags already installed but I have no experience with the bike other than what I have read online and have a few questions: *Does the bike perform well stock or does it need upgrades right away to make perform well? *Will the bike run at highway speeds around 70 without issue? *I live at 5000ft and ride to around 13,000ft a couple of times a year in Colorado, would the carb required re-jetting to run at that altitude. *Are there any known issues with the bike that I should be aware of? *Are aftermarket accessories available for the bike? Skid plates, carb mods, exhausts, ect.... I use the bike to ride forest roads, some single track, and I make a short commute to work, you opinion of the bike would be appreciated....
  8. I have a 2006 DRZ400S with 3x3 mod and dynojet kit with your recommeded settings of: 132 main jet dj needle, clip 3 dj slide spring 22.5 pilot jet (Stock) 13mm float level. Fuel mixture at 1 turn K and N air filter I live at 5000 ft in NM I added a full muzzy exhaust and went riding in Colorado at altitudes between 7000 and 12000 ft and experienced some loud popping when decelerating. The bike runs strong and climbed great but I'm a little concerned about the popping because I thought the bike should run richer as I increased altitude. Would you recommend changing the jetting? I have the remaining jets from the DJ kit... Thx
  9. gszfoster


    This company makes custom seats, I had one made for $300 for my DRZ and really like it, it is much more comfortable than the Corbin. The only drawback is you have to send your seat. There was a 2 week turn around. http://renazco.com/
  10. gszfoster

    what to buy muzzy or yosh

    I have the Muzzy and really like it. It gave me a good improvement in power and is not real loud.
  11. gszfoster

    I am changing my sprocket ratio

    I went to a 14-47 gearing and used the stock chain. Cuts down on the top end, I can ride at 60 comfortably, but 70 gets the RPM's pretty high. As for exhaust, I installed a Muzzy full exhaust and really like it, it increased the perfomance and it is not that loud and i'm just running the USFS screen.
  12. gszfoster

    messed up my new muzzy exhaust

    Scrape it off with razor blade and buff it out with some green scotch bright. Will look good as new.
  13. Eddie, I have a 2006 DRZ 400S with the settings that you suggested with a K and N air filter, 3x3 mod, Dynojet kit, and stock pipe for altitudes between 5000 and 13000 ft. Current settings: 132 main jet dj needle, clip 3 dj slide spring 22.5 pilot jet (Stock) 13mm float level. I just installed a Muzzy full exhaust, should I leave the jetting as listed above or change it? I have the remaining parts from the DJ kit. The bike runs strong now and has a slight pop on deceleration but no major back firing.
  14. gszfoster

    case guard takes a hit

    My bike went down and completely puctured the case through the case shield. Had to buy a new one for $110 from Ron Ayers. If its not leaking, run with it and order up some sealant in case it starts to leak. After pulling my case I believe it could have been repaired.
  15. gszfoster

    Cracked generator cover

    I dropped my 06 DRZ400S on the left side and it cracked the generator cover, luckily I have the protective covers glued on so I have a minor leak instead of loosing all of my oil. Has anyone changed the cover before?